Witchcraft Show Review

Posted December 7, 2007 in

Courtesy of myspace.com/witchcraftswe

Witchcraft, Radio Moscow
Saturday, November 17th
Urban Lounge

No personal offense to Will Sartain, but his new band The Future of the Ghost really did not belong on this bill. I’m sure some people will dig on these guys as they play out more, and Will is a very talented individual, but they kind of disrupted the whole vibe of the evening, at least for me. I went specifically to see Witchcraft, and I ended up having to endure a roughly 30-minute set of music I was in absolutely no mood for. Good luck to these guys in the future, but this was just a bad choice of a local opener for this particular show.

On the complete opposite side of the coin, Iowa’s Radio Moscow fucking killed me this night. I had never heard them, but from the opening riff I was an immediate fan. Extra-catchy blues-based rock, and the musicianship was second to none. The drummer was a fucking riot--kind of a burly black dude who took the stage wearing one of the most amazing afro wigs I’ve ever seen, and the bassist completely went to town on a semi-hollow bass that had the most ungodly tone I think I’ve ever heard. The singer/guitarist looked like he was 12 years old, but he made that guitar his bitch. I seriously thought the guy was the white reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix. Granted, I had consumed a great amount of whiskey by the time they played, but they turned me into one hell of a believer. If you don’t believe me, track down their self-titled release. I put it in my car stereo as soon as I left the Urban Lounge, and I’ve been listening to it pretty much straight since then. In fact, why the fuck had nobody clued me in to this band’s existence before? Once I find the answer to that question, there’s gonna be some fucking ‘splainin' to do.

Now, let me preface my comments about Witchcraft by saying that I may or may not have snuck out of the venue for a brief moment to partake of something that was much more enjoyable than whiskey and beer, and may or may not be illegal in this country. I admit nothing, but whether I did or did not do this thing, Witchcraft was one hell of a fucking ride. A lot of people I’ve talked to thought that, because the band is from Sweden, and because their name is Witchcraft, they were a black- or death-metal band. Sorry saps. Witchcraft is, to me, a perfect melding of Black Sabbath and Cream done with modern-day relevance. Having to sit down and pick apart what songs they played from what albums and in what order is a nearly impossible task currently, most likely due to the amount of alcohol and possible other things I had ingested, but it was one hell of an experience. Allow me to apologize for the short review of their set, but if you missed it, you fucking missed it, and you should consider jumping off a tall building.

Courtesy of myspace.com/witchcraftswe