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All photos by Sam Milianta
If you're old like me, you probably hate all the kids at the skate park. Their attractive moms drop them off and they all wear helmets and shout "'chout!" (short for "watch out") at you so they can do some sort of flail fest out of the bowl. It's annoying and I've heard you all complain about it when you're sitting on the ledge smoking. The most annoying type of kid, however, is the one that's actually good at skateboarding. So good, that you wish you could go back in time and grow up in their neighborhood. That would mean you could probably be pro by now, instead of just drinking a tall boy and complaining about your last knee surgery. These kids are much more than an annoyance, they're a source for bitterness and the ugly emotion of jealousy.
Colin Brophy is one of those kids. He's got that smooth style that everyone wants, like watching Justin Strubing or Dennis Busenitz casually charge the gnarliest shit. Colin keeps it nonchalant and cruises around just destroying shit. The most annoying thing about Colin is that he's actually cool. He keeps it mellow and is just down to skate. Colin is one of those "mix of the old and new" kids who can skate the big shit, but isn't afraid to throw down a few ollies over manholes or bomb a big hill just for fun. And isn't that what skateboarding is about? Fun. I think a lot of dudes (young and old) have forgotten that. The truth is Colin really isn't that annoying. He got me off the couch and psyched to skate for a few days and landed all his shit really quick so he could go bomb some more hills and cruise around a bit more. He's a cool kid and all you 30- something dudes (like me) should be cool to him like the older guys were cool to you when you were in high school.

Brophy was a good sport and agreed to fill out my lame-ass Myspace survey in place of a real interview because I'm too fucking cheap to buy a tape recorder to do a real interview.

Colin Brophy friends comments
SLUG: How old are you?
Brophy: Seventeen.
SLUG: How long have you been riding a skateboard?
Brophy: I got my first board like 8 years ago.
SLUG: Who or what got you started skateboarding?
Brophy: My neighbors Marc White and Austin Namba were always skating around my house. I would watch them and I wanted to try it.
SLUG: What was the first skateboard video you ever saw?
Brophy: It was called "Church of Skatan." I only remember the name.
SLUG: Are you a straight 'A' student?
Brophy: Not even close. Bros make high school really hard to deal with.

SLUG: If you had to carve something with a knife into one of the desks at your school what would you carve?
Brophy: I can't see myself carving anything. I guess I could carve SK801, those are my friends.
SLUG: Who do you like skating with?
Brophy: I like watching my two best friends Choad and Joey get better so they're always fun to skate with. I would skate with all my friends every day if I could.
SLUG: Do you have a crush on anyone in your top eight?
Brophy: My girlfriend is on my top eight, but I have plenty of crushes too.
SLUG: What kind of things do you like to skate?
Brophy: I guess I just try and stay pretty close to the ground.
SLUG: If you were a character on Family Guy, which character would you be?
Brophy: That question sucks, I don't watch that show.
SLUG: If it was the late '90s and you had to give a shout-out to somebody, who would you give a shout-out to?
Brophy: John Cardiel was shredding hard in the late '90s so probably him. My recent shout-outs go to all my friends, Technique, SK801, Kyle and anyone who backs me.