Crossroads School’s Out! Skate Comp 06.01

Posted June 5, 2012 in

On June 1, Crossroads kicked off the summer with a “School’s Out!” pizza party and skate competition. The kids flocked from their North Ogden homes and hangouts to the indoor park to stake their claim on Crossroads’ traditional bag of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize goodies (shop deck, wheels, shirts, stickers, etc.). The competition began with one heat of 13-and-under, which Sk801’s own Caleb Olson sealed the deal with a 270 on the hip and mailed it in with a back-feeble on the flat rail. My honorable mention goes to Nikolai for his bright orange pants and perseverance to land a kickflip off the launch.

Next up came the 14-and-older division, which consisted of 10 skaters in three heats. From here, the pressure mounted. Junior high girls strutted into the park, and the contestants were in it for more than pride and stickers now. Even I tried to look as cool as I could. Hormones ignited, sweat glands spewed, bangs flipped––the intensity was palpable. Heat 1 made for a grip of rail tricks and hip tricks as young guns Robert Rice and Bryan Sweat whipped out their A-games. Heats 2 and 3 kinda melded together in what made for countless 270s and nollie big-spins on the hip, a sick backside lipslide and big-flip from Ryan Alldridge. Winners of this division:

1st place: Bryan Sweat – Crooks over-crooks and lipslides, and bolted a kickflip down the stair.
2nd place: Robert Rice – Aired out kickflip from hip to flat, and THPS2 style airwalk over the pyramid spine.
3rd place: Jacob Underwood – Nasty big-spin off the launch, 360 off the launch.

My honorable mention: Mad Max, who busted open his cheek trying to 180 the stair. In just seconds, he returned Willis Reed style from wiping up his blood in the bathroom and kept on skating.

Finally came the sponsored division. This one was a heater as usual. Heat 1 would have been sealed up if Tiedye Drew had been able to land the hardflip down the stair he spent the whole run attempting. Instead, it went to Erik for a steezy backside flip off the launch. Heat 2 went to Tyler Melton for his kickflip-boardslide on the flat rail, however, it was a close one as Hayden threw his hat in with a few tail blunts. Heat 3 wasn’t even a contest. Aiden Chamberlain dominated with backside-lipslides, 270 flips, impossibles and a back-smith 180 out on the down rail.

Winners of the sponsored division:

1st place: Aiden Chamberlain – Back-smith 180 out on a down rail. Need I say more?
2nd place: Tyler Melton – As tall as his board and his kickflip-boardslide.
3rd place: Tanner Oliver – Bigspins off the launch, frontside and backside 180s down the stairs.

My honorable mention: Erik Anthony, for a backside flip off the launch, huge airs and blunt slides.

Crossroads will be hosting the first Summer of Death contest on July 14. Go to for more info, and make sure to like Crossroads on Facebook.