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Rodeo: Andy Mac

Andy Macdonald has been skateboarding since 1986, and skating professionally since 1994. Since then, Macdonald has become known as one of the world's best vert skaters and holds the record for most X Games medals at 16. To get to the point, Andy Macdonald knows a thing or two about skate comps. SLUG recently talked to Macdonald and got the scoop about the 2009 Dew Tour and what to expect at the Salt Lake stop.

SLUG:How many years have you been a part of the Dew Tour?
Andy Macdonald: I’ve skated every Dew Tour event since it’s inception.

SLUG: How have you done in the past?
AM: I got second overall last year. The other years you’ll have to look up.

:Many skaters seem to hate contests and never skate in them. Do you feel that contests are a necessary part of a professional career? What do you think it is that pushes so many skates away from contests?
AM: Contests have always been a part of skateboarding but a lot of skaters don’t like the pressure to perform. As a street skater it’s possible to make a living without contests and if you can do it, more power to you. As a ramp skater, competition is how you measure your status as a pro and how you make a living.

SLUG: How does the Dew Tour compare and differ from other major skate contest like the Maloof Cup or Tampa Pro? How do you feel about the Dew Tour overall?
AM: Dew Tour sets itself apart from all the other event in that it is a multi-event tour with an overall points race to crown a year end winner. Just like in surfing or in golf, there is bonus money for the athletes who finish the season well. 

SLUG: What is your favorite stop on the tour and why?
AM: Boston. I grew up in Boston and it’s a huge sports town. I placed third there this year and got a standing ovation as the hometown guy. I think I would have got the standing-O even if I finished last. Boston fans rule.

SLUG: How do you feel about the Salt Lake City stop?
AM: Fun cement park to skate in your down time, more fans than at any other stop in the tour’s history and I won there last year.

SLUG: Do you get a chance to skate any street when you travel from city to city?
AM: Generally no. We tend to stick to all the new cement parks that are popping up everywhere, although we did hit a few spots in Orlando.

SLUG: What’s your favorite thing about SLC?
AM: The fans. People are really into it and always pack the house. That always makes it fun.

SLUG: Which do you find more exhilarating and productive: traveling on a skate/demo tour or traveling on a contest tour?
AM: The Boom Boom Huck Jam Tour was the best thing ever hands down. If we could just to that all year I would. The contest tour is the next best thing.

SLUG: On average how many contests do you enter each year? Do your sponsors and team managers put pressure on you to enter certain contests?
AM: No pressure, but I still find myself at about 15 contests a year.

SLUG: What has been your favorite contest of all time?
AM: I’m gonna go with X Games San Diego 1998. It was right down the street from my house. I won vert and vert doubles, got second in street, and met my future wife.

SLUG: How does your mind set change when skating a contest versus skating for yourself or with your friends? Do you find the crowd and all the chaos of a contest distracting or motivating?
AM Motivating. I’m always much more willing to take a slam going for it in front of five thousand people cheering me on than I am at home at the local skate park.

SLUG: Where is your all time favorite place to skate?
AM: SMP park Shanghai China.

SLUG: Are there any other words you would like to shout out to the skate world?
AM: Skate for fun and keep it positive.





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