Go Skate Day?

Photos: Chris Swainston

National “Go Skate Day” may have come and gone, but I recently realized that everyday should be “Go Skate Day.” So I rounded up some friends and set out to get some shit done. The first stop of the day was Kendall Johnson’s house to pick him up and go to this spot he had been wanting to skate for some time (that photo wont run until next issue so keep tuned in). Chris Swainston got the photo right away and we sped off to find another spot suggested by Kendall. Cody Comrie was able to come up with some super clean and fresh moves on film while, once again, Chris and his genius with a camera was able to click some shots of the madness we were beholding. We skated just long enough for almost everyone to get something before Cody had to leave for some Team Thunder shenanigans.

Although we’d lost one member of our crew, luckily Dirk Hogan and Brooks left Blinside to come meet up with us. The “Asphalt Wave” was the next stop and Brooks came up on some way good shit. Before I knew it a whole other pack of rabid wolves showed up to skate, including but not limited to: Kordell Black, Beau Davis, Colby Almond (a.k.a B-Nuts) and Alex Edam. Eventually it was time to fuel up with food and a sit down. The sun had gone down by that time, but even without lights we weren’t about to stop this adventure.

We brainstormed and once we arrived at the place, Brooks and Dirk went straight to work with keen grace on the old wood freedom device. Some photos were taken and filming was done before we all thought of another place to tear up before the day was over. The final spot of the night wasn’t adequately lit, but armed with the headlights of the vehicles we made it work. The day ended up on our porch with beer and some grits reminiscing of what we had all accomplished in such a short amount of time. Chances are we could have went all through the night without ever stopping. At the end of our epic day of skating I couldn’t help but wonder why there had to be a national holiday to go skating. Skating should be enjoyed everyday of the year. Get off your ass right now, call some friends and make some fucking memories already.