Love It Or Leave It, SLC Premier

Posted November 24, 2009 in

(From Left to Right) Mark Judd, film maker Josh Martinez and brother Nick Martinez

Monday morning was a frozen snow covered world, luckily Josh Martinez would bring some heat to thaw our bones with the Salt Lake City premier of his first skate video Love It Or Leave It.  Martinez points his lens at some ripping kids in the Utah skate world mostly hailing out of the southland of Provo and American Fork Areas. Brodie Penrod gets the opening act. Visions of a young P. Rod from Transworld's, In Bloom flutter in my mind. Penrod is a technical machine finely tuned with a flawless flick. Other rippers gracing the film are Chandler (Bloody Face) Seipert, Devin York, Justin Long, Dider Bouchever, Shawn Taylor, Nick Martinez and one of my personal favorites Mark Judd. Josh Martinez cameos with a full part that was surprisingly good, he’s got some steady nosewheelie balance.  In the words of Mark Gonzales  “If you’re gonna do a nosewheelie, do a fucking nosewheelie bro.” An opening firework scene set an overall editing theme to the movie with a fuzzy red-orange seizuresque special effect that was used to transition between tricks.  At first I thought it creative and visually unique, but by the end of the videos 50 minute running time it had been used so much that I felt like I was getting smacked in the eyeballs after every trick sequence. 

Besides the full length parts the video has four montage sections, two Reno edits, one in L.A, and one in SLC.  The L.A montage was my favorite edited to a song by Ghost Land Observatory the only thing I found odd was the lack of skate sounds in the edit. I personally love the sound of a tail snapping off the ground and wheels screeching across ledges. Though the second Reno edit was good I could have done without it. If you have enough footage to make two sections of the same place just make one super banger part and put the rest in the bonus chapter. Matt Fisher closes out the video with a two and half song video part. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just say that kid is good, fucking real good.  The end credits rolled over a classic mini ramp jam at Ashley Bloxham’s house. This was one of the best ways I’ve seen a movie close out. There is just something so nostalgic and enjoyable about a mini ramp session.  All in all I say bravo Mr. Martinez, you kept me warm gave me something to do and made me want to skate, too bad the earth is now frozen… back to the whisky bottle. 


(From Left to Right) Mark Judd, film maker Josh Martinez and brother Nick Martinez Doing Rude things that are Rude, Sean Hadley didn't shut up for the entire movie Hadley bullies Panda for the board he just won Movie Snacks Ashley Bloxham and owner of F1nd Skateboards David Born hand out raffle prizes. I try and still Eric Hess's second winning board The Murdocks, A Dorobiala and Weston Coltons head B. Rod opener, K-flip back tail pop out Gnarly Lip Slid, Devin York Yes I was stoned during this movie Kick Push High speed Mark Judd Security can't do shit... thats why they call the cops 3-flip Sam Millianta Meth is bad Frozen Dirk Hogan and Nephi Beh Willy Nevins warmed by candle light Adam Dorobiala Tower chairs Brian Baade you look just like I feel... Stoooned Just becuae you can get into your sisters pants doesn't mean you should wear them Colt Bowden checks his texts, Weston Colton anticipates his crooks fakie cameo, M. M. Murdock sips his "Coffee" and Dorobiala calmly sips his movie soda Dirk and the Lieutenant Big smiles for a free board, Keaton Mcdonald