ManExpo Skate Contest

Posted April 13, 2010 in

If only Penrod didn't have to skate for 5hrs prior to finals he probably would have won. P.S. he landed this back 3 at least 5 times

What was expected to be a four-hour skate contest proved to be a grueling seven-hour skate marathon. The contest was supposed to kick off at noon but for reasons unknown it was delayed until 2 PM. Nearly 50 local Utah rippers showed up to battle it out for the $4000 in prize money—Little did they know what an unfair David vs Goliath battle it would turn into. The course had all the basic essentials (euro gab, quarter pipe, hand rail and fun box) but it was severely lacking in flow—Unless your are Zilla Gabriel Beh. Beh flowed his way to sixth place connecting the dots in a way nobody else could see. Despite all the complaining about the set up, everyone found a way to rip it to pieces. The only really wack thing about it was the massive foam pit that was installed. Why they decided to waste so much time and money installing a foam pit when they could have put their efforts towards a super sick course is beyond me.

As they day roared on, the bar was continually raised. Brodie Penrod blew minds with his first run. Stomping a flawless back 3 and backside flip off the tallest deck. Murdering the handrail with a back tail, back smith and front blunt and stomping a front blunt bs flip transfer off the funbox rail. Christian Sereika got gnar with a big gab to bs lip on the fun box and a noseblunt down the rail, but despite his ripping efforts fell short of making it to the final round. Local St. George skater Pablo Gonzalez powered himself to finals where it was him and six other skaters up against pros Adam Dyet and Greg Lutzka. This is where things get rather grey. I’m down with Dyet because he’s a homie who represents SLC and this was the SLC Pro Am skate contest, so naturally he should be there killing it. However I do think him and Lutzka should have at least skated semi finals like pro James Atkin did.

It seems a bit unfair to me when 50 local skaters killing themselves at the chance to win $2500 for first place are put up against fresh legs Lutzka after a five hour skate saga just to get the carpet pulled out from under their feet. I will say this: Lutzka did earn it. The dude is a phenomenal skater and capped off the day with a 270 front blunt down the handrail but by Berrics rules it wouldn’t have counted with those two hands down. Dyet was hot on his tail with a kickflip back tail on the rail and almost clenching a full cab backlip down the rail. If only that trick had come out clean I think he would have won it.

All in all it was skate madness and super fucking fun. I’ll be there again next year, but I hope they don’t pay another super pro for a PR appearance just to boost their ratings and actually give the locs a chance at some well-deserved cash.

If only Penrod didn't have to skate for 5hrs prior to finals he probably would have won. P.S. he landed this back 3 at least 5 times Mini ramps= Mucho Fun, Colto gets a nose stall 5-0 Pivot action, No bloody face this contes 3rd place winner(sorry can't remember dudes name) Bust a FS flip early on in practice OG Indy off the deck, Mustache passion. Eat a burger already skelator, front five-oh! off the quarter Looks like Books has been watching some Vallely. Blasting Boneless Drunk Tat FT back smith, Brodie Penrod Our very own Dorobiala rips a revert Brooks back smith... keepin it classy Crew on Deck Get your board out of my face bro You gotta want it! Nollie Heel Zanelly This homie worked for it and earned it. Blasting Hardflip over the euro Skidder, James Atkin Fuck ollieing from bank to bank take it flat. Kendal Johnson Counting down those calories one tailslide at a time. Zilla killed it all day long making to 6th place Handrails ... flat bars ... whats the difference? Penrod slips in a front blunt Christian Sereika Nose blunts his way to semi finals Did I mention Penrod is really really fucking good. Front Blunt backsideflip transfer Frontside flip, Lutzka Man AM back lip, Matty Coles Fresh and stinky. Pablo Gonzalez gets beefy to fakie Back 5-0 Gonzalez Dyet blasting a kickflip Melon Kickflip front board on a a broken board no less At least he earned 1st. Bigspin frontboard fakie, Lutzka This is how the pros roll, kickflip bsts. GREEN ROOM!! Right at the buzzer Lutzka twirls in and slides his way out of a 270 front blunt.