Milo Skate Comp @ South Jordan Skate Park 06.16

Posted June 22, 2012 in

Photo: Justin Clark

Opening their doors in 1984, Milosport has been a giant supporter of the action sports community for a very long time. Since then they have grown into the mecca of a shop that they are today.

Hosting events is one thing the shop does to promote skating and gain some local recognition throughout Salt Lake. On June 16, I attended the contest at South Jordan Skate Park, and it was going off like I have never seen—SoJo was so busy. Sponsored by Vitamin Water, the Milo contest was set up in two divisions: Intermediate and Advanced, and then split into five-minute heats with a jam format of five skaters. At the end of each division they would pick the top five and send them to finals.

SoJo is a cool park for this contest because of all of the varying features they have to skate. From transition to boxes and rails, this park has something for everyone. From a transitional aspect, South Jordan is definitely one of the gnarlier bowls to skate in the Salt Lake region, which only makes it a better place to throw down those risky tricks. Little groms like Josh Roland were killing it, doing little front side airs, but when the big guys stepped up to the plate, the bowl got destroyed. Matt Winkowski ripped it up, as well as Sergio Rivera doing a big spin from the deep side over the corner, but Jed Fuller, longtime Salt Lake ripper took the best trick award when he stepped up with a big front side crail slide around the deep end of the bowl.

All in all, the guys at Milosport did a great job setting up a successful contest. Be sure to tune into their next contest of the series on July 24 at Guthrie Skate Park. I’m sure it will be super! Check them out on Facebook for more details:


Photo: Justin Clark Photo: Justin Clark Photo: Justin Clark Photo: Justin Clark