Move Over Ronald, Keaton McDonald is the Real Burger King

With style so important in skateboarding nowadays, it’s great to see people out there still treating it like it’s supposed to be—fun. Before the fancy corporate sponsorships and all the jive that may come as we progress in this art, there was a simple reason (mentioned above) that we picked up this wonderful time-waster known as a skateboard. Keaton McDonald is one person out there who embodies this mentality. At the tender and golden age of 24, McDonald has been around the block enough to make sense of his enjoyment in the glorified wood/metal/urethane utensil and it’s about time this guy got some damn love from the ‘media.’ His style is closer to the Jason Lee in A Visual Sound mixed with a little bit of Earl than present expectations of skateboarding. Basically, he shreds—and the fact of the matter is that if you don’t shred with that pure heart and style, you better get the fuck out. An avid member of the Rock Church, Blindside team rider, part time student and recently married (congrats by the way), McDonald still finds time for his love of riding a skateboard. McDonald is always smiling and ready for more when he is out and about, gallivanting around town with his wooden toy, rather than stressing about the trick itself. Keep an eye out for this young lad in the streets and expect to witness greatness. Keep up the pure skating, Keaton. The world could use more people like you.