Pablo Gonzales: On Point

Pablo Gonzales is from St. George, the opening portal from Arizona and Nevada into the land known as Utah. It’s a border town with a knack for shitty asphalt, curbs in front of gaps, and “almost a spot” parking spots. After a two hourish ride from Vegas, you get crapped out of Arizona via “The Gorge” and there sits St. George before you like a big cheesy greeting card, gleaming in the southern sun. Venture further into town and you’ll come across a flamboyantly colored fun center, but more important is what sits next door: the St. George skatepark. Home to some major kookery for sure (we’re not mental or anything so don’t be afraid), this is where I first met Pablo some seven years ago. Since then, I’ve seen him grow from a roast-beef-grabbing jumping bean into a fully sprouted hubba back-lippin’ carnage asada burrito. Seriously, all racial jokes aside, Pablo kills it


During the course of trying to get photos for this, our crew headed down to Vegas twice. The first time was a passionate, yet idiotic attempt to bluff out the rain and put the phrase, “It’ll be dry in an hour” to the test. That trip resulted in a swampy indoor park session with two lines in the whole place and 80 kids slamming heads midair. The second trip was picture perfect besides the fact that Pablo left his board back at home in Utah. Luckily for us though, Pablo’s woman brought it to him that night or shit would have hit the fan. Pablo gets hyped on all sorts of shit, and will usually pull through with a trick at any given spot, even if it means getting broken in half. Even just sitting in the background daydreaming about those RDS lifestyle photo-shoots because he forgot his board, Pablo will look good doing it.



Photos: Jay Cooper Photos: Jay Cooper Photos: Jay Cooper Photos: Jay Cooper