Photo Feature: Dyllan Call

I first met Dyllan Call when I was working at Blindside in 2006. He was a skinny, 15-year-old kid who was quickly becoming one of Utah County’s top all-terrain shredders. He skated everything with style and speed, and always had a smile on his face. Fast-forward to 2012: Call is 21 now, he’s 6’3” and grows a better beard than I ever will. He could easily be part of “Team Handsome” with that “other Dylan” and Alex Olson. He skates faster than ever, and has an ollie to rival Keith Hufnagel. What is more quintessential than a good ollie? When Call told me about a bump-to-bar spot, I imagined: a) more of a bump, and b) a lower bar. This thing has virtually no bump, a four-foot flat and waist-high bar. Call landed the ollie pretty easily, and I was floored when he said he thought he could 180 it. A handful of tries later, he was rolling away with a big smile.

Dyllan Call, Frontside 180, Provo, Utah