See You at The Crossroads

Photo: Swainston

Winter sucks for the majority of people except snowboarders and people that are affiliated in the snowboard or winter industry. So what is a guy to do if he doesn’t have a mini ramp in his garage or a key to the local snowboard company’s warehouse(the majority of which have minis ramps)? Well, before Crossroads Skatepark in Ogden, we as wood pushers didn’t really have anything since Union in Sandy closed, but now we are saved. With a 30 minute drive from downtown, you can get your push on Monday thru Thursday 11-8, Friday 11-9 and Saturday 10-9.

A giant group of peers and I recently went to the park for an after-hours session so we could get rid of the itch to ride our toys. They have a wide array of obstacles in the park including a four-to-five-foot mini ramp, a mini-mini ramp which is two feet of steep tranny delight, a great hip, a downrail and lots of other features that you can go and get creative on. Unfortunately, SLUG photographer Chris Swainston’s flash was broken by store manager Josh Mosley so he had to stop shooting photos for the night. Josh apologized for this mishap about a thousand times.

Besides being a positive outlet for the youth and being a safe place to chase your dreams, Crossroads does a bunch of things outside the shop that are beneficial to their community. For instance, on April  2 they are hosting the second annual “Trifecta of Shred,” which is a competition put on by Crossroads, Flowrider, and Powder Mountain to find the “Chairman of the Board.” Clever. It is a three-day competition that starts out with a session at the skate park the first day, a session on the Flowrider (which is an indoor wave for aspiring surfers in the area) on the second day and ends with a comp in the park at Powder Mountain. The Chairman of the Board will be the best of all three competitions. Pretty sick and original ideas straight out of O-town, Utah.

Crossroads isn’t just a skate shop either—they carry a wide variety of snowboard and wakeboard goods also. They dabble in these board sports because they actually have a passion for these sports. They are not just in the biz to make revenue. This place actually wants to make an impact on the community and in the brief time that the location has been open I feel like they have done so. We’ll see what else comes from the shop in the future, but they are certainly off to a good start. They are an inspiration to up-and-coming shops and a great example of what a local shop should do for the community. Believe it or not, there are a lot of skate shops that are just looking for their next dollar. Yeah, sponsoring contests is nice and all but putting forth that extra effort goes a long way in the community’s eyes. Keep it up guys, put Ogden on the map like it’s never been put before.

Photo: Swainston Nosegrind fakie Tsunami style, Eric Eugene Philip Hess. Photo: Swainston Earth shaking fastplant double grab, Omar Budge... Where you at with the footy Ham? Photo: Swainston Murda blows through a hurricane. Photo: Swainston