Setting the Record Straight: Brodie Penrod

Photos: Weston Colton

Brodie Penrod is a skateboarder, plain and simple. He is pretty well known south of the point of the mountain as that kid that kills the American Fork skate park, effortlessly doing your whole bag of tricks—all in one line, and switch. He seemingly learns tricks in a matter of minutes, and then does them down the roof gap at the University of Utah. It’s easy to hate on someone that good. I know I did—at first, anyway. I have been shooting photos with Brodie for the last six months now and have gotten to know him better and I honestly think he is a cool kid. I believe his confidence on a skateboard is often misinterpreted as arrogance.

I went over to Brodie’s house to shoot him just chilling with his friends. They were actually watching COPS. His room was covered floor-toceiling with skate paraphernalia: autographed posters, photos ripped out of mags, broken boards nailed to the wall, etc. I was surprised to find cowboy boots and his hunting rifle among the worn-out shoes and a pile of broken decks. This kid is a genuine skate fanatic. His walls look just like mine did when I was a kid—well, minus the poster with the half-naked chicks on it. My walls, however, didn’t have two of those giant checks you see on TV game shows, or a special edition Volcom Fender guitar, along with a slew of other skate contest “trophies,” including his SLUG Summer of Death winnings.

Brodie likes to skate contests, and he does very well in them. He placed second in the GhettOlympics and third in the Summer of Death finals at the U last summer. Just last month, he placed third in the Volcom Wild in the Parks finals in Peoria, Arizona. This was a national contest featuring finalists from all over the country battling it out, and he absolutely killed it. By the time you read this, he will have competed in the Tampa Am premier amateur skateboarding contest (Go to right now and see how he placed … I’m betting top 25).

I want to set the record straight for everyone that thinks Brodie is just a “park skater” or just a “contest skater.” He has successfully killed every spot I have been to with him. A photographer’s dream. He usually lands a trick quickly, and then does it three or four more times (He backside 360’d the roof gap at the U three times).

I don’t really have a whole lot more to say. Brodie is a skateboarder, just like you and I. He skates a janky flat-bar in front of his house (Oliver Buchanan once told me that he learned all his tricks on a flat bar at his house). Brodie simply loves to skateboard. What’s to hate about that?

Brodie skates for Frontside skateshop, Ogio and etnies (flow).