SK801 & Crossroads Love Skate Contest 02.18

Posted February 23, 2012 in

SK801 & Crossroads Present Love Skate Competition
Saturday night Feb. 18 at Crossroads indoor skatepark in Ogden made for a “capital K” Killer evening of music, competitive skateboarding and some not-so-competitive skateboarding. The place was packed from wall-to-wall and most of the space in between with people from Salt Lake and Ogden, while those skating did their best to skate around them. It was chaotic, and awesome. The festively titled “Love Skate Competition” was a collaboration between Crossroads and SK801, and was split into three divisions--13 and under, 14 and older, and sponsored--going for hours testing each contestants’ skatabilities on different obstacles in the park, from hip to hubba to a good old fashioned flat rail. As the competition rolled on, people packed Crossroads mini-mini-ramp that only has about a four-foot transition and had an anything but competitive skate session. After the first two division finals ended, the real skating began among the sponsored divisions. Each skater pushed themselves to further impress the judges and skatepark chicks that were aplenty to gain first prize, which included a box full of goodies from the sponsors: Mystery, Stereo, Thrasher, Fallen and Zero. Aiden Chamberlain took over the competition and came out with first prize in the sponsored division sealing his title with a Reynolds-esque backside flip down the giant 4-stair. Other title winners of the comp included Tyler Melton and Carson Parkinson, who came in second third respectively in the sponsored division; Robert Rice, who took first place in the 14 & up; and Kaleb Olson, who took first in the 13 & under div.

After the competition ended, Dark Seas set up atop the pyramid and reigned psychedelia down upon the indoor park. I was in for a surprise when I thought that the park was packed before Dark Seas started playing, because as soon as Kyle Wilcox spoke into the mic, the place flooded. It was like someone had turned off the lights in my apartment and left an opened box of Ding Dongs in the middle of the kitchen floor. Being the first time I had seen Dark Seas, I had a blast listening to them. The bad acoustics, mixed with the constant rolling of the mini-ramp as skaters continued to shred on through the set and the buzz of the crowd all just came together so nicely to capture the atmosphere of a good time. As the festivities came to an end, the night rolled on. Those old enough scurried across the street to an Ogden beer bar while those younger ones kept on skating into the blackness of the parking lot. I even joined the youngsters myself for a while (I thought I’d look cool because I can do really good heelflips until I realized they were all better than me). If you haven’t made the trip up to one of Utah’s finest indoor parks yet, get on that. I mean like now.
SK801 & Crossroads Present Love Skate Competition