Skate Rant

From Issue 7, July 1989

Okay kids, time to play again, skate literature 101 is back. Official U of U rules: it’s ok to skate on campus, but all four wheels must remain on the ground, and prosecutors will be violated. I understand their main concern is property damage, specifically to benches, but pedestrian safety will not change whether I’m hurtling down the sidewalks at 80 mph with all four wheels on terra firma, or ollie-ing onto a bench. Skate first—obey silly laws later. This just in! Classic Rollerskating in Sandy is now having the Wed. night skate jams. For only $5.00, I can fight with little grommets and enjoy the fake refrigerated air and groovy music. Now this is a good idea in the bleak winter months, but a pile-o-shit idea for the summer. For more info, go skate someplace real like downtown—or call Classic in Sandy. Finally saved those pennies for a new deck or would like to start skating anew? Many skate shops from Ogden to Provo can now help you with those tough decisions on what to buy, and most important– what color.

Here are a few:
Ogden: Vertical Fettish or Skate Street or something under new management—check it out!
Bountiful: Wheels Etc. way cool salespeople, sell bikes too.
Holiday: Holiday Sports & Salty Peaks—one owned by an old man, the other owned by non-skating snowboarders—you decide.
Provo: Don’t know much about it—it seems cool, check out Board of Provo.
Until next time kiddies, Skate First—Then Leave.