Skate Terminator: Matt Fisher

Going up: noseblunt popout. Photo: Weston Colton

Technology is a bad thing sometimes.  Sure, it’s nice to have a self-propelled vacuum cleaner, but what happens when it turns on you?  I’ve seen enough movies in the Terminator series to know that eventually technology will destroy mankind.

I think Matt Fisher is a terminator. He seems to be sent from the future to destroy Utah County’s spots.  It can’t be a coincidence that he is on the same shoe team (DC, who gave Matt a “Golden Ticket” to their King of Chicago contest) as Danny Way (who I heard is actually from Mars, not the future).

Matt shows no hesitation when stepping to a spot.  I’ve seen him shred switch heelflips and do 360 flips, all while skating a Caballero  (who Matt also shares a sponsorship with through Bones wheels and bearings) “throwback” board on a bum ankle. He seems to be unstoppable.  At one point, while discussing a gap he had skated, he told photographer Weston Colton, “I’ll go back and switch heel it for you.”  Unlike so many claimers and haters today, Matt makes good on his word and doesn’t brag about it after doing it. 

Instead of doing an interview with Matt, it was decided to let one of his sponsors, Benny Pellegrino of Milo in Orem, and photographer Weston Colton, share some of their experiences with Matt. The following are excerpts from their conversation.

Benny: “Skateboarding comes first and everything else, his job, his girlfriend, his family, is secondary.  Matt comes in the shop all the time, and doesn’t ask for anything and it’s refreshing.  These days all the kids come in and want to know what they can do to get sponsored and get stuff for free.  Matt comes in just to hang out and watch videos.”

“If anything I have to push Matt to get sponsored.  He’s out skating but he doesn’t ever ask for anything.  He’s the most humble kid.  When he first brought in his sponsor tape, I told him we didn’t have room on the team, but he was persistent, in the coolest way possible.  He’d come in and give me a new DVD of footage every month.  When I would tell him there was no room on the team, he would say he was willing to wait.”

Weston: “It’s fun to shoot with him because he lands everything really quick. But he’s willing to do it again after that.  So I always end up with two or three different angles to choose from.  He’ll just go out and skate what ever I want to take him to. Any spot I go to, he has something for.”

Benny:  “And he’s not the kind of kid who won’t go skate unless there’s a filmer.  He doesn’t say, “ I want to skate this but not  unless there’s a VX1000 around.”

Weston: “Exactly.  If he wants to film it, he goes back and does it again.”
Benny:  “I never see him get stressed either. He’ll stop trying a trick before he gets stressed.  He’ll go skate around, do something else.  Then twenty minutes later he’ll try the trick again and just do it. It’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t hate and doesn’t throw fits.  He’s just methodical about it.”

Methodical is a great place to end.  Terminators, as they are machines from the future, tend to be precise.  Look at the photos in this interview and you will see just how precise Matt is.  However, unlike the Terminator robots, Matt has a very humble demeanor.  But maybe that’s just part of his programming.  So when he does destroy mankind (or more likely than that, your favorite skatespot) it’s unexpected.

P.S. Any skate nerd that gets my “Terminator” reference (there is a clue in here) wins a high five from me next time you see me at a skatepark.

Going up: noseblunt popout. Photo: Weston Colton Judgement Day feeble kickflip transfer. Photo: Weston Colton Frontside Flip. Photo: Weston Colton