Summer of Death: Ghettolympics

The Ghettolympics in a nutshell: 105° on the asphalt, 96° in the shade (just like the song), great turnout, original concept, heaps of friendly competition, serious tricks getting busted, girls with water-misters, Red Bull and Red Bull Light, beers, friends, no foes, hot dogs, hamburgers, hip -hop disc jockey (thanks again DJ SUPeRB , Mike Brown as the M.C. (humorous chap isn't he?), Fox News, PCTV, clean people cleaning up after dirty people, cool parents, matching shop team t-shirts, early teen girls wearing bikinis and unzipped daisy dukes, bad thoughts, 20 dudes with video cameras, 30 dudes with regular cameras (myself included), video camera on crane set-up (definitely going the extra mile—thanks Brian Baade), teenagers smoking many cigarettes next to the The Truth booth, lots of sunglasses (these make my face sweat), beer run, people I haven't seen in a long while (Ben Dickerson), good parking lot surface (thanks to Big Deluxe Tattoo), really long red hair (Oliver Buchanan), plaid shorts with striped shirts (this combo makes my eyes hurt), maybe some track marks on some kids arm, mullet haircut from hell, neon green shirt, neon pink shirt, two hot dogs in one hamburger bun, good judging (Big-E, Dave Van, Tully, Helen Wade, PAND A and Greg from Union Shop), tight and tripped out events like timed height escalating hippy jump hurdles, longest power slide (this pretty much killed any one's wheels that were willing to participate), open obstacle jam session, my favorite event the board chuck it's kind of like the shot-put, but for losers (Jonathan Jackson almost took Jason Gianchetta's head straight off), general chaos, SLUG Staff holding it down, Dank Squad booth (the goods-you should really hook a brother up with some nice t-shirts size large please), good obstacle construction, good vibrations and just plain good in general.

Special thanks goes to all the sponsors and to all the heads for making this scene happen. Here' a list of how shit went down, check the inter-web for some footy. See you next month until then skate tuff and eat monkey muffins.

Final Tallies:

17 and under
1. Daniel Roman
2. Morgan Coulington
3. Brandon Aguayo

Not 17 and under
1. Isaiah Beh
2. Kevin Emerson (East Coast Flavor)
3. Brody Penrod

Longest Powerslide 17 and under
Dylan Halverson

Longest Powerslide by not a kid
Dani Cerezini (Not the kid who rides for Blind)

Hippie Hurdle 17 and under
Morgan Coulington (overall destroyer for the day)

Hippie Hurdle winner
Jon Hoganson

Board Chucker Winner
Everyone who entered this event lost in the long run because it's never cool to chuck your board (Nash Saxton should've won).

See you at the next comp on August 23rd!

Photos: Sam Millianta, Chris Swainston, Adam Dorobiala, Weston Colton