Sunday Break

Photos by Chris Swainston

Word of a new spot residing in the southland had been circulating around the city for a couple of weeks. Anticipation was high and curiosity had peaked. Rumor had it that the spot was somewhat like a European masterpiece. Visions of Barcelona’s beautiful well-sculpted architecture, butter smooth marble and crack free level ground fluttered through my mind. Exactly the kinds of things skatopian dreams are made of.

It was another Sunday morning when the crew decided to mount up and sail south to a divine land of skateboard delight. Mark Judd led the entourage on his motorcycle with EJ, Adam Dorobiala, Kendall Johnson and Panda close behind. Cody Comrie and myself slowly trailed in the back. Judd was the only one that had skated there before and everyone else was clueless as to what kind of greatness we were about to experience.

We exited the freeway and continued westward into a well-developed neighborhood. I was confused, I couldn’t picture such an amazing spot existing around all these houses. Then all of a sudden, emerging like an oasis in the desert, there appeared a bunch of grey sculptures set in a line in the middle of a small park. Everyone was stunned and jaws dropped. Could this actually exist in Utah, just for us to skate? From the road you could see an extra steep quarter pipe followed by a large arc resembling the back shape of the Loch Ness monster. I felt like I was hallucinating. Next to the Loch Ness hump was a dragon tail double arc leading into my favorite part of all, a curved angled bank you could skate like a ledge and transfer back into the tranny. Down from that was a long, whisper quiet marble ledge.

Skating started immediately. There was no need for warm up. Mike Hays, Dave Law, Omar Budge and Ashley Bloxam were already at the spot ripping. Everyone adapted their own style of skating each thing. The obstacles were so unique and versatile that my mind opened up to explore all types of ways to shred. There was some controversy amongst everyone as to whether the spot was built for skating, or built as a unique creative park. After skating it for a bit it became obvious that it was just too perfect not to be there for skating. Somebody really did their homework by taking a good look at what it is people enjoy skating, rather than following the normal path of building a typical light grey, fenced in skatepark, the designer created an open-air street style line for everyone to rip. Pure genius.

Unfortunately, my skating was cut short due to a broken board, but with all bad things something good will emerge. The light was fading to gold and everyone had started destroying the place. Power hour was upon us, it was time to start recording. Panda threw down on the dragon tail. Adam surfed around with exquisite balance.

Omar snatched up a technically crafty line. Kendall powered through, destroying everything as usual. Everyone skated until the sun faded behind the mountains and our legs gave way. The day had been conquered and some spectacular skating had exploded out of everyone. This was only the beginning though, more amazing skating will soon be blossoming from this place.