The Las Vegas Skedaddle: A Weekend Trip

Photos by Adam Dorobiala

When you receive a phone call from a friend, in my case it was Mr. Mike Hays, and are invited to escape from the upcoming freezing temperatures to abscond to a warmer more enjoyable climate, what is the obvious choice? Usually, if you are smart, you seize the opportunity to drive for seven or so hours to migrate for the weekend. Mike called me around 2pm and said that Dave Law and himself were making a run for the warm blue skies of Las Vegas in one hour and offered one of the seats in the vehicle to me. I made a few calls to make sure it was legit if I left to cover such an awesome story (because the best way to avoid responsibilities is to know you have them) and before I knew it we were south bound towards the city of sin. We stopped to fill up some gas and get some grub in a small town and randomly ran into Keaton Mcdonald who was also going to Vegas to see The Kings of Leon play a show, and he told us to meet up with him the next day at a bar for a chat and a drink. We parted ways with Keaton and got back on the road. The rest of the drive went off without a hitch and we arrived in St. George just in time to go to an after party of a show that had barely finished. The party only lasted a half an hour or so but then we headed over to Jay Cooper’s house and continued to play beer pong and poker till pretty early in the morning. I woke up drunker than the night previous and we went to the St. George skatepark to get some skateboarding done before making the final leg of the trip to Vegas. Everyone of us was killing it but David’s friend, Garrett Taylor, was waiting in Vegas for us armed with a map of a million different spots and a camera to document our whole experience there, so we said goodbye and aimed the vehicle south again.

We ended up skating a pretty rad spot right when we got into town next to a baseball field and Dave almost got his line but was thwarted by a broken deck. Mike landed some technical trickeries and I, myself was trying to break free of the drive lag from the car ride from St. George so I just cruised and did tricks here and there to get ready for the next 36 hours. We left that spot and went back to Garrett’s to rest up before the night ahead. Keaton sent Dave a text and told us where the bar was but mentioned he wouldn’t be there for a few hours so we decided to go gambling first to kill some time. Roulette wheels and craps dice were twirling ever so fluidly. After all was said and done at the casino, the house basically charged us 165 dollars for our time there (even though there were times when we were up on the house a substantial amount) so a little bit tipsy and slightly broke, we headed over to the bar to meet up with Keaton. The bar was filled with lovely people and we continued to drink and ask for socks from random pretty girls in the club. Somehow I managed to get a free beer from a friend of a girl I tried to get some socks from (I think that in order to understand the importance of the term “socks” in this story you must’ve heard Mike and my conversation before the trip began) and went back inside from the “Indie-Emo” band playing in back of the bar to get a free manicure offered at the club. Melinda did a wonderful job on my cuticles and then it was back to sock shenanigans. After all the bands played, the stage was cleared off to make way for a kiddie pool filled with KY jelly for sexy wrestling matches in the cold. Many a pastie was seen, not to mention full on boobs, and the crowd was loving every minute of it. After the wrestling was over we went back inside and succeeded in talking to a few more potential sock givers before we decided to head home and save our energy for the day of skateboarding ahead of us. I woke up early in the morning and waited around for Mike and Dave to awake from their drunken slumber and was amazed that everyone in Salt Lake was probably bitching about how cold it was while I was shirtless and shoeless in the hot hot heat of the desert morning. We got some coffee and went to this way sweet ledge in the industrial part of town where Mike got some grade A footage for the upcoming Blindside video. We stayed there for a while before Pablo Gonzales, Jay and their girlfriends showed up from St. George to participate in the skateboard action.

Pablo went straight to work and got a trick on this powerbox and then tried another trick and fell pretty hard so we left and went to another spot at a career college. Mike got another awesome trick there and we ended up skating there for quite some time before we went to go find this gap. On the way out we stopped off at this super bank spot where Pablo got dangerous and kickflipped into it. We cleaned up shop and it was back to the desert streets to go to this gap spot, but we couldn’t find it so we went back to Garrett’s house and packed up to head home. After a stop at In and Out Burger we were northbound and a few stops later (one being due to the fact that Dave’s car was reading that the temp of the engine was below freezing) we were back in Salt Lake City. It was an awesome weekend adventure, so if you ever feel like you need an escape to a warm spot to get your cold bones warm for a little while, go skate Vegas, its worth its time in golden rays of light.