Trickonometry Film Premiere

Posted May 17, 2011 in

On a sunny Saturday afternoon on the north side of Salt Lake, I pulled up to the Skate 4 Homies warehouse to the sight of more than 30 kids playing games of S-K-A-T-E and waiting for the doors to open for the premier of Technique skate shop’s 2011 skate film, Trickonometry. The first thing I noticed about the crowd was that 90% of them were pre-facial-hair, and they all seemed to be best friends. There were a few familiar faces mixed with a lot of unknowns. As the sun fell behind the mountains and the crowd grew closer to 100 skaters ranging anywhere from 10 to 30 years old, the doors opened and we all shuffled in, taking spots on the floor or standing in the back. 

For the ten or so minutes leading up to the start of the film, the scene was the classic skate premier: Technique’s skate team hanging out on the second floor yelling to their friends below, packs of hormonal teens drooling over the Red Bull girls—it made me feel like a kid again.

The film, produced by Cody Weber, had a lot of familiar names– one of them being Sergio Rivera, who skated the stunning opener for the film. My hat goes off to Sergio for being a super versatile skater and for his solid tuck-knee down the rock wall. Matt Fisher, Chandler Seipert and Brodie Penrod had parts at the end of the film, which was to be expected I think, seeing as how those three have been killing it in the local contest scene for the past couple of years. The spots filmed consisted of a good mix of well-known loading docks and handrails with some really creative spots I’ve never seen before. The production team also had a good eye for switching up the tricks from street to vert and back throughout the film instead of having forty minutes of ledges and gaps.

When looked at from the scope of full-length skate films, Trickonometry is one of the best to come out of Utah in recent memory.