X Games 3D Movie Review

Posted August 20, 2009 in

  Director Steve Lawrence hurls the audience into the world of professional extreme sports and the superstars who literally put their lives on the line in order to pay their mortgage. Starting with the always progressive sport of freestyle motocross and the incessant demand for innovative tricks, Kyle Loza and Travis Pastrana pose the question of “What If…” but in an optimistic point of view. “What if you land it?” and “What if it’s possible?” Forget remaining stagnate and refusing to challenge life’s limitations, these individuals look death in the face on a daily basis and bellow a hardy chuckle. Along with capturing the exhilarating worlds of snowboarding and rallycross and profiling historical moments such as Tony Hawk’s infamous 900 landing, the film finishes the stomach-turning three-dimensional rollercoaster ride with a gut wrenching recounting of the 2008 Big Air battle between Danny Way, Jake Brown, and Bob Burnquist on the unforgiving Megaramp. Narrated with over the top dialogue by Emile Hirsch, the documentary effectively spotlights the reasoning behind why second place is not an option no matter the cuts, bruises, or broken bones endured to rise above.