2011 WInter Dew Tour: Men’s/ Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Championships

Posted February 23, 2011 in

Jaime Anderson

The Winter Dew Tour wrapped up their three-stop tour at Snowbasin Resort in Ogden, Utah this Sunday.  The scene this year was hectic to say the least and I am constantly in awe at how big these events get year after year.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Dew Tour, three stops are made throughout the course of the winter.  The first stop this year being in Breckinridge, CO, the second in Killington, VT, and the third in Ogden, UT.  With each stop riders accumulate points that increase with how well they place and at the end of three stops, a tour champion is crowned.  This point system worked out well in 2010 for Utah local, Sage Kotsenburg, when he took second in two events, and third at the last event, eventually earning him first place in the tour. 
This year it was Torstein Horgmo and Jamie Anderson who rolled into Utah in first place, so the pressure was on for riders like Chas Guldemond and Rebecca Torr who were poised to snag the first place spot.  For the girls, Janna Weatherby won the day with a cab 5 and a backside 360, and announced her retirement from professional snowboarding while atop the podium.  Alongside her, was Jamie Anderson in second place and Spencer O’Brien in third.  Anderson ended up racking up enough points for first place in the tour, with Rebecca Torr in second and Jordie Karlinski close behind in third. 
On the men’s side of things, Chas Guldemond came correct with back-to-back cork 1260’s.  Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to earn him a spot on the podium this year.  Eric Willet took first for the day with a switch backside 12 double cork and a frontside 1080 double cork.  Mark McMorris won second with some back-to-back 1260 double corks and Torstein Horgmo took third for the day, although still ending up in first place for the tour.  Mark McMorris placed second in the tour, and Eric Willet finished in third this year. 

The last day of the 2011 Dew Tour was certainly epic and I’m sure I speak for everyone in attendance when I say I’m stoked as ever for next year’s tour! 

Jaime Anderson Eric Willett