A Tribute to Krista Moroge-Beutler

May 9, 1974 ~ May 24, 2010

Inspirational, motivational, talented, sweet, caring, supportive, ambitious, teacher, leader, thinker, friend, loving wife, skateboarder, snowboarder, motorcycle racer, business owner. A confident, strong, and amazing woman: THESE ARE ALL THINGS KRISTA—The most killing-it Lady and beautiful Angel.

To know Krista is, has, and always will be the utmost of honors. If any of you ever had the privilege of crossing paths with her, in a business or on a personal level, then you know her sheer exquisiteness. Krista was the person you couldn’t take your eyes off of—she was so astonishingly beautiful and talented. She charged life with the amount of gusto and relentless courage that you would expect from a super hero.
Words cannot express how much this woman inspired me in every aspect of my life. (I’m tearing up now, come on Krista, help me through this one) The world has truly been a better place with the presence of Krista. She was an angel. An angel with the sickest skate style of any female I have ever seen. She could drop in any old day, at any skate park or half pipe, and make most dudes feel uncomfortable because of her skill—while looking like a fashion model all at the same time.
I am sure that there are hundreds and hundreds of people who could raise a hand right now to say something great about Krista. Here is what a few of her closest and dearest friends wanted to say:

I have so many fond memories of Krista but possibly the one that takes the top is of our first girls surf trip down to Salyulita where all us snow bettys were determined to shred waves. Krista was describing to us how she’d been dreaming about whether she was going to grab Indy or melon as she was slashing the lip of the wave, after all it couldn’t be harder than skating.... Paddling out day one we all make it out past the break and we look over at Krista to find a look on her face neither of us had ever seen—she actually looked scared. She quietly smiled and looked at us and said “I can’t swim very well...” She continued to charge waves and drink seawater for the next four days. She loved to LIVE and loved to help others close to her realize their potential and reach it. She was quite possibly the most selfless person I have ever known, who handled any kind of challenge with the utmost grace and dignity, even cancer. In the three and a half years she was sick and even when it was bad Krista never looked down or back, she was always charging forward and smiling and asking others, “How are you? Can I get you anything?”
Since her passing it’s brought up so many emotions and questions that I know a lot of people ask. On such a deep and personal subject it’s hard to know what is appropriate to say. For me, I strongly need to believe and feel that some of the strongest people pass away too young because warriors and heroes are just needed elsewhere. In a lot of ways I feel like she is with me, and watching over us all. I know she is shredding perfect pow, skating clean seamless bowls and just maybe she is looking down the barrel of wave. –Erin Smith

There are so many wonderful stories … From dance parties in NYC, powder days in Utah, Colorado and Chile, to sunny beach days in Mexico. However, a story that stands out most takes place on one cold Vermont evening with Krista. After a long day of sitting inside, we all decided to take the 10-passenger van out for a spin. Great idea! So here we are, 10 people, in a van, a little buzzed (except the driver of course), and rallying in the parking lot. To no avail the next thing I know Krista guns it, she races motorcycles so I am not worried right? However, since I was in the very back of the van and it was full of loud passengers, I had no idea what she was gunning it at…a 2-foot drop. Yea. Woooo! We are all screaming. The next thing I know we are air-born, my body lifts from the seat, and my forehead slams into the lining of van ceiling. The wheels hit the ground and I am laughing so hard that stars fill my eyes. Almost immediately a large bump and rug-burn-like mark began to form on my forehead. Krista quickly took us back to the hotel, got me a bucket of ice and a beer and told me that I looked great and not to worry about it. We finished the night with laughs.
Krista was always focused on fun, making the most of life, living a little on the edge, working hard, and loving all of those she surrounded herself with. She was a constant inspiration and  mentor to those around her. As her favorite quote says, “There is NO weapon more deadly than the will,” (Bruce Lee). She will be missed, but never forgotten! –Domonique Kiernan

Six years ago, Krista gave me a 99 cent Golden plastic trophy for “Super Mitch.”  Her slashed handwriting across the chest read “Hellz Yeah Award!” The golden trophy stood proudly on my desk for years. Previously invisible paper corners mysteriously stuck out the gifts bottom. One particular day I bumped the trophy. It dropped and sent the invisible prize inside to the floor. I safely picked up the trophy and gently replaced it on the desk. An envelope, tightly wrapped, had revealed itself from inside of the trophy. I smiled.  I unfold her message and realize how long it has been since she had given me the trophy with the secret prize. I open the letter, it read: “Congratulations!  Contact me via email for instructions, YOU ARE STOKED!” She had enclosed her business card with a very generous bonus. I really had no idea. I was way more stoked on the act of giving the trophy. Visions of her sneaky playfulness enlighten me as I closed the envelope for another day.        
A month ago I asked Krista about the card and told her I didn’t want the envelope, but cherished ever so much my trophy.                
TO KRISTA: You enter into a world that spins at a faster pace than mine. You will always be with us, until we meet again. Love you always Krista! –Mitch Lawrence

I am forever indebted to Krista for the opportunities she opened up to me and I’m honored to have shared some of the most unforgettable experiences of my life with her.                 
I’ve never known anyone who made such an immediate and indelible impression on everyone she met.
Krista lived by the mantra that you could accomplish anything you want. She instilled that in me and inspired countless others.
Krista is the strong center of an amazing group of friends. Any of us would have been lucky to meet just one person in a lifetime as inspiring as Krista. We’ve all been blessed to share life with her.
–Josh Fisher

Oh man, where to begin. Krista, not only were you the best snowboard coach a kid could have asked for, but you were there for me when I got knocked out at Mt. Hood, sitting by my bedside and reading out of that godawful Country Woman magazine which entertained us all the way to the airport where you bet me I couldn't get them to say country woman over the P.A. sytem, but I did it. You were and still are such a major staple in my life and I feel like if it wasn't for you and your influence on me I most likely wouldn't be the person I am today. I know you're up there just slashing some pow lines and doing some sweet ass peel outs on your motorcycle. I'll miss you and every time I pick up a Country Woman I'll remember all the good times we had.
Your little dude,
Jeremy Riley

The first time I met Krista she was skating transitions at Guthrie way better than I could or could ever hope to.  I wouldn’t admit it at the time, but I was immediately impressed and slightly intimidated.  Soon after that, she became the Burton rep and I was managing Salty Peaks, so naturally we developed an amazing relationship. Once I got to know her she didn’t intimate me, but impressed me even more.
There were always so many people in the snowboard industry that drove me nuts with their lack of sincerity and passion for skating and snowboarding.  I won’t name names, I just need to say that to give you an example of how real Krista kept it.  I’m not even going to play off of the ‘girl who can rip’ card—Krista is the real deal.
Krista made time for what she loved and that sincerity, to me, is what made her so great at everything she did.  That in-turn made her so much more than just a rep for one of the biggest snowboarding companies in the world. 
Here are some more brief memories I have of her:  I barfed at an exclusive Burton party she threw in a nice club and she thought it was rad.  She gave me her old cell phone with all her contacts in it and said I could prank call Ross Powers.  And she would let me snowboard with her even though I refused to ride a Burton board (sorry Jake). When I moved on from Salty Peaks, Krista was one of the few people in my life at the time that inspired me to create my own path and follow my own dreams and aspirations.  I got to work with her more closely but it never felt like work.  She truly trusted me and will always be more of a friend to me than anything else. –Mike Brown

Krista’s life is what she made it. It was full of vigor, passion, and heart. Her thoughts, as many of us tend to forget when we get caught up in the drama of life is that we move too fast. She would want us all to slow down and STOP for a minute to enjoy the people around us, ourselves, and prioritize in accordance with what is really important. We should all take time to cherish our lives, and to take care of our minds and bodies. It can so easily be swept away.

I will always hold Krista in my heart, as will all of you. I will end with a favorite quote of Krista’s:  “Your life is what your thoughts make it” –Marcus Aurelius