Absinthe Films – Neverland premiere

Posted September 29, 2009 in

Absinthe Films – Neverland 
World Premiere @ Tower Theater

Destruction.  Of everything.  No matter what you think snowboarding is, Absinthe’s got that cuzzo!  From helicopters to frozen stairs, Director/Producer Justin Hostynek and his all-star crew rode to the top of some of the nastiest features captured on film last winter.  The Absinthe Films crew always leaks and oozes talent, but this years roster could possibly be the most impressive I’ve ever seen.  Local boys Cale Zima, Bode Merril, Dan Brisse and MFM round out the Red, White and Blue alongside Travis Rice and Kevin Pierce while JP Solberg, Gigi Ruf, Nico Muller, Wolle Nyvelt, DCP, Eero Ettala, MFR and Romain De Marchi hold it down for the rest of the free world.  Highlights include Romain taking out some possible aggression over Burton cutting him from the team to help fund a private and totally excessive backcountry Olympic halfpipe training facility for Shaun White (check the newest issue of TWS).  Romain demonstrates his frustration by flirting with avalanches and killing everything with a “Thanks Burton” kind of attitude.  On a more mellow but equally exciting note, Wolle Nyvelt lays it down sans bindings just for fun, killing it hard enough to make me reconsider the need for fancy straps.  Speaking of fancy, Travis Rice has a part in the video, and his romantic intro alone surely caused several serious relationships to fail, on the spot.  Not one to disappoint, Travis follows his intro with riding that commands your attention, although diehard TR fans might be a little disappointed, as he filmed his part for Absinthe in only 10 days this past season, as opposed to the two years he put into the previous “part” in That’s it That’s All.  Another heart breaker the highly acclaimed Marie-France Roy who holds it down for the ladies while subsequently deflating male egos around the world.  My only complaint about the movie was the intro, mostly due to the fact that everybody watched the first five minutes of the movie in black and white since the Tower Theatre obviously doesn’t have their shit together.  Sorry guys, but it was the WORLD PREMIERE, and everybody there expected you to have that dialed by now.  Guess not.