Candy Land Candy Jam

Brighton Ski Resort is the epicenter of all things new, hip and ridiculous in snow culture today. The resort was also the first stop of the 2009 SLUG Games. The Candy Land Candy Jam was held on Jan. 10, 2009 on a brisk, sunny day at Brighton.

All of Brighton’s characters made an appearance that day. There was the kid wearing the gangster gold flake Obama tall T that nearly hung down to his ankles and young gypsies-in-training dangling everything from shark’s teeth to dream catchers from their necks right under their prepubescent mustaches. There is something about teenage boys emulating the style of turn of the century eastern European women that just makes me cringe. Ridiculous fashion statements aside, the Brighton park crew built a delicious course for the day to let riders jib up their wildest candy coated dreams. There was gumdrop pops, iced up Gingerbread house slides, licorice rails and of course everyone’s favorite piece of candy - a giant Natty Light beer can to jib - but only for those that were 21+.

The riders ate up the course like a fat kids in a candy store. The big gingerbread house saw the most exciting action. I witnessed people clearing over the monstrous house with some stylish shifties, 450 pretzels out and even the occasional skier nut slide across the top of the roof. Liam Wentworth, of the open skiers division, wooed the judges with serious style when he threw out a royal with cheese grind across the flat box. Those fancy fast food moves earned Wentworth first place in the open skiers division. Jason Heckle took first place in the men’s snowboarding open division with his stylish twisted pretzels off the gingerbread house. Elise Barelli stole the women’s snowboarding open podium while looking good in green head to toe. In the young gun (or seventeen and under divisions) there was a plethora of talent. Chris Romney took the first place spot for the seventeen and under skier category and Chadwick Fion for the men’s snowboarding seventeen and under. Instead of popping champagne bottles on the podium the winners were given giant lollipops to carry with pride through Candy Land.

SLUG would like to thank everyone who came to check out the event and especially thank our sponsors: Natty Light, Ski Utah, KAB Rails, Armada, Lib Tech, Discrete, Odeus, Gnu, Sound, The North Face, Blindside Company, DVLP Clothing, Salty Peaks, MILO Sport, FICE, One Love, The Truth, CELTEK, Oakley, Fun Hat, Lake of Salt, Dakine, Autumn Garage, Lenitech, Roxy and The Sunnyside Company.

If you missed The Candy Land Jam, make sure you check out the second and final installment of the SLUG Games when we host Beat the Pro at the Canyons on Feb. 21. For more info visit

1. Adam Dorobiala
2. Chris Swainston
5. Jesse Anderson