Dinobots “Never Gonna Get It” Premiere at Westminster

Posted November 2, 2009 in

You probably haven’t heard of the Dinobots before reading this article, but chances are you’ll be hearing a whole lot about them over the next few seasons.  “All of the Dinobots riders are some of the most motivated kids I’ve seen.   They really have it together and they’re just really good snowboarders when it comes down to it,” says Cole Taylor, cinematographer and editor of the Dinobots’ premiere film Never Gonna Get It.  The Dino crew includes but is not limited to snowboarders Cole Taylor, Chris Brewster, Brandon Hammid, Noah Lohr, Jason Heckle, Shawn Kelly, Nic Catmur, Asher Koles and Clif Reagle.  The film also included riders Sean Black, Ted Borland, and Burton team rider Alex Andrews.  
    The premier itself was the perfect ship for the Dinobots to launch their first vid.  When Jeremy Riley and I (a.k.a. Team Ramrod) arrived at the auditorium at Westminister College, Celtek and Honest Tea were just setting up their booths for the event.  Soon thereafter, Jack Stauss from the Westminster Ski and Snowboard Club arrived and things finally got rolling.  The crowd ranged from lost parents looking for the art show, passersby’s who finally succumbed to Celtek harassing them on their bull horns, Dinobots’ friends and family and a number of other shred enthusiasts.  About an hour after we showed up people starting filing in for the showing, and after the usual five to ten minutes of technical sound difficulties, Never Gonna Get It was unleashed to the masses. 
    I’ve been to more snowboard premieres this Fall than I’ve been to classes, and there is one name that keeps popping up every time I see a new film.  That name is Alex Andrews.  Whenever I watch this kid ride I get super stoked for one of two things: A) to get better at kinked handrails, and B) to start wearing baseball caps under my helmet under my hood.  So far this season I’ve seen him in three different films by three different film crews and in every single one his section has been one of my favorites.  His section in Never Gonna Get It was no different.  From super steezy pole jams to excessively tweaked out nosepresses, Andrews killed it with every trick he stomped. 
    As for the film as a whole, it was a really good film coming from a local shred crew.  One thing that stood out to me is that it seemed like the whole crew put a ton of work into the production of the film.  “Most of the time you go out and build a jump and you hit it like twenty times and no one gets a shot… or you drive around all day and you spend so much time doing that you get nothing,” said Taylor, “fortunately all of the riders in Dinobots are some of the most motivated people I’ve ever known and these are the guys like Brandon, Noah [and] Jason that drive around during the summer time and look for spots.  And that’s kind of a benefit for us because those guys really can get it done.”  When you can tell that the riders are working at it as hard as they can and are still having fun, it makes the film really fun to watch.    On the other hand, if you know all of the “famous” spots to film in Salt Lake, then the video can get a little bit unexciting.  Putting aside that knowledge however, altogether it was a good showcase of what some of the local shredders are doing these days.  If you want a copy of Never Gonna Get It, you can download it at Dinosnow.com for three measly dollars.  

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