Fresh Changes at PCMR

Park City Mountain Resort terrain manager Jeremy Cooper. Photo: Adam Heath

For the 2010/2011 season, Park City is making some big changes to their new Three Kings park. This season, Park City has invested a lot of time, and probably money, to bring you a newly renovated park located where Pick ‘n’ Shovel park was last season.  Three Kings will feature two more runs full of rails, boxes, logs, jumps and a few things you’ve only dreamed of. If that doesn’t get your gear all wet, here is a little bonus: Park City has added lights throughout the entire new park! If you’re stuck at a lame day job, you can still head up after work to get some tail slaps and boardslides until 9 p.m. SLUG Mag got ahold of Park City’s terrain park manager Jeremy Cooper and asked him a few questions about the new park and its features.

SLUG:  Tell me a little history about Jeremy Cooper.
Jeremy Cooper: I grew up in Northern Virginia, and rode Seven Springs. Then I moved to Mammoth about 10 years ago, where I was the snowcat driver for the terrain park. I also built some of their rails for awhile. I took over at June Mountain about five years ago.

SLUG: I heard you helped out with the Super Park last year. Do you help out with any other events besides Super Park?
Cooper: Super Park Seven, men’s and women’s Super Park and Grenade Games.

SLUG: You used to weld features up at Mammoth. Do you still help make features for Park City?
Cooper: Yeah, I’ve been welding for 15 years and started building rails for Mammoth and June Mountain. Now I’m building all the rails for Park City.

: Why did you make the switch from June Mountain to Park City?
Cooper: Park City gave me a call and said that they heard about all my work and asked if I wanted the job.

SLUG: How has your experience at June Mountain influenced what you have done with the Park City park?
Cooper: It gave me more knowledge and skills to make Park City’s park the best I can.

SLUG: What are a few of your favorite features to ride at Park City?
Cooper: The big jump lines are really sick and super fun, even though I haven’t hit them for a few years ‘cause of my age.

SLUG: How far will the Three Kings park extend?
Cooper: Riders and skiers will now be able to get off the chair lift and go left to a new park and also the run underneath the chair lift.

: Will the lights extend throughout the whole park?
Cooper: Yes, they are going to cover all the new runs and the existing park.

SLUG: Does Park City have plans to make the Three Kings chair lift a high speed any time soon?
Cooper: Yes absolutely, I think it’s in the works for next year. We are also going to do some terrain work in that area like pushing dirt around and what not.

: What do you feel makes Park City one of the top parks in the nation?
Cooper: The dedication from the resort and all the resources they make available to us, such as snow making.

: What features are you guys building this year that will get kids excited to come ride at Park City?
Cooper: Well, we got a traditional C box, which we really haven’t had before. A couple new down-flat-downs, some street-style rails and an elbow rail, which goes 16 feet straight and turns right at a 15 degree angle to straight, kind of like the old Nixon Jib Fest video.

SLUG: What are some of your future plans for the park?
Cooper: To be as innovative and as cutting edge as possible, and keep people excited to come ride the park up here.

SLUG: This is a question a few of my friends and I wanted to know: Will the Jonseys park be around this season?
Cooper: There will no longer be any parks back there due to some logistical problems.

SLUG: I heard you’re in charge of the Park City Allstars. Are there going to be any new faces on the team this year?
Cooper: Yes, we got Sage Kotsenburg, who is a huge local addition that we are proud to bring on the team. We are also losing Torstein this year. He is going to Northstar.

SLUG: Are the Park City Allstars going to come out with another banger video this season?
Cooper: Not anytime soon, but we are working on more web-related edits that we’ll have up on our website throughout the season.

SLUG: What is your main goal/focus for the 10/11 season as a terrain park manager?
Cooper: To build the best and most fun park in the world!

If you haven’t already bought a Park City pass, now is the time to get up there and get it. They have season night riding passes for adults 25 and up for $250. For college kids 18-24, night riding passes are $225.00. You can also snag single night passes for $48. Night riding starts after Christmas so save your money, or hope that Santa hooks it up in your stocking.

Park City Mountain Resort terrain manager Jeremy Cooper. Photo: Adam Heath