Gatorade Free Flow Tour- Chaz Ortiz Interview

Posted September 25, 2009 in

Backside Flip, Chaz Ortiz photo: Dave Brewer

Chaz Ortiz is a young gun with some pure raw skateboarding talent. Hailing from Carpentersville, Illinois he juggles an extraordinary life of traveling around the world, skateboarding and maintaining a normal teenage suburban life attending public school in Chicago. For the past couple years Ortiz has been murdering the contest circuit. In 2008 he took 2 nd place at Damn Am (Minneapolis, MN), tearing through the Dew Tour racking up five top four finishes (including two firsts) and became the overall winner for 2008. There is no doubt that Ortiz is hungry for success. This year our photographer Dave Brewer was given the opportunity to sit down with Ortiz for a quick five minute in between heats.  

SLUG: Thanks for letting me come up and hang out in your VIP lounge. Can I get you a purple Gatorade?
Chaz Ortiz: Haha, no thanks man, I’m good. Thank’s for interviewing me.

SLUG: Alright, let’s get started. For those that don’t know, what’s your name and how old are you?
Ortiz: My name is Chaz Ortiz and I am 15 years old.

SLUG: When did you start skateboarding?
Ortiz: I started skating when I was six.

SLUG: I heard you are still in high school?
Ortiz: Yup, I’m a sophomore so I have two more years left.

SLUG: Does anyone ever ask you what you are doing in high school if you are on your way to being a professional skateboarder traveling, doing what you love at such a young age?
Ortiz: Yeah, I get that a lot but school’s fun. I enjoy it, and I know everyone there, so it’s not like a big deal. You know I have gone to school with them for a long time so no one makes it a big deal.

SLUG: I have kind of a personal question for you. I don’t know if you are ready for this:
Ortiz: Uh oh…

SLUG: So last year, you where here in Salt Lake City and you beat out Ryan Scheckler. Everyone knows that Ryan Scheckler is good with the ladies—all the girls want him. So, since you beat him last year, have you gotten any hot dates?
Ortiz: Haha, I don’t know dude. There are a lot of girls in the stands screaming for me but it’s pretty cool, you know? But Ryan is a ladies man. He’s got his game down.

SLUG: So you don’t have a girlfriend?
Ortiz: Yeah, I do actually. Her name is Kalyn.

SLUG: So, it was a year ago that you were here in Salt Lake City on the Free Flow Tour. What’s it like being back in Utah? How are you feeling right now?
Ortiz: I’m feeling good. I am skating pretty decent. And I got some tricks up my sleeve. I don’t know man, I am just gonna go for it. I want to win this stop so I’m gonna be chillin’ at the Orlando stop, so there won’t be a ton of pressure there.

SLUG: We are stoked to see you back in Salt Lake. We treated you well last year, and here’s hoping that you have a good run this year. What is your favorite part about Salt Lake?
Ortiz: Yeah, I like it here. I like seeing all the mountains and the nice weather. 

SLUG: You know Adam Dyet is from here. Has he ever taken you out to some street spots?
Ortiz: Yeah, I know Adam. He hasn’t’ taken me out yet. I have only been here for a couple of days at a time you know, so I have never gotten to skate street, but I’m sure I will come back here and I would like to film. That would be cool.

SLUG: What are your plans for the next few years?
Ortiz: Um, I don’t really know man. You know all the contests—The X Games and Dew Tour. I’m sure there will be a lot more stuff coming up.

SLUG: Who all came out with you on the Free Flow tour?
Ortiz: Just my mom and my sister. But my dad and my friend are coming in tonight.

SLUG: So your family must be really supportive of you doing what you love.
Ortiz: Oh yeah, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here so it’s pretty cool.

SLUG: Do you have any shout outs? Anything at all you want to say to anyone?
Ortiz: Thanks to all of my sponsors. Gatorade, Zoo York, Bones…I don’t know man. Thanks to you?

SLUG: For sure, Chaz. Anytime.

Backside Flip, Chaz Ortiz photo: Dave Brewer Chaz Ortiz, photo Dave Brewer