Guns Blazin’ for SLUG Games: Battle at Basin Presented by Scion

Ski / Snowboard

For the boarders, Otterson kept it consistent through the finals and threw down some bangers to get that Third Place spot. Whitesides would also keep impressing the judges by going just a couple steps bigger off the tank cannon, throwing a big back three with that seatbelt grab. Last, but certainly not least, for the 17-and-Under Division was Ashton Hammer, who also threw a ton of tricks down all day, as well as a classic, stylish method that judges just couldn’t help but love. Hammer would finish the day in that First Place position.

The Open Ski Division went off with everyone going bigger and better than the first round. Eric Gambles would end the day flat spinning his way into Third Place, while Manley came out swinging, throwing a bunch of switch tricks as well as boosting over the tank for a quick cannon tap. Those tricks, and a ton of others, would get Manley that Second Place spot for the day. Jonah Williams absolutely annihilated the course all day, throwing flat spins, spinning in and out of rail slides and sticking a big rodeo to fakie off the cannon. Williams would come out on top and take it for the skiers. Cindy Hurst rocked the course all day as the only lady skier and walked away with some great prizes of her own.

For the chicks that rip the snowboards, two lucky, little groms named Mattie and Sophie Neres got to hang with the big kids, taking Fifth and Sixth place for the day. Fourth place went to Jen Grisby, who hit all of the features with pretty much perfect consistency. Hailee Mattingley threw herself 180 degrees off the cannon just stylishly enough to grab that Third Place spot. Keefer ripped it all day, and the finals were no different. Keefer linked up some nice lines between the tank and flat tube to walk with the Second Place spot for the chicks. Kolesky, who is no stranger to SLUG Games, killed it all day, going front 180  to a 50-50 on some almost untouched boxes, bringing it back out to regular. Her style and board control would get her the win and wrap it up for the ladies.

The Men’s Open Snowboard Division saw a ton of drops from Zeke Greer, giving him that many more chances to impress the judges with his front rodeo and half cab combos on the tank. His drive for drops would get him a Third Place final in the division. Larson kept it fresh all day with some stony surfer lean on the tank and a half-cab manual front-board back 180, with a quick stalefish off the cannon.  Throwing those tricks, as well as a ton of other combos, would get him Second. It was impossible to miss KC Russell tearing up the course all day and having a blast doing it. Russell was like a cat throwing it down with style and sniping out that First Place spot.

The First Place winners walked with some cash, SLUG Mag, Zoo York snowboards or some brand new RAMP skis, and everyone walked with a ton of gear from all of our sponsors. Big thanks to all of these sponsors for helping us put on the contest: Scion, Jaybird, Board Of Provo, Lucky Slice Pizza, Pit Viper, Kitten Factory, DaleBoot USA, Cross Roads Skate shop, Goal Zero, Milosport,, Snogression, Saga Outerwear, RAMP, Only In Ogden, I.N.I COOPERATiVE, Yelp, Zoo York, Raja Attire and Salty Peaks Snowboard Shop. Big thanks to all of the riders for coming out and making a great SLUG Games Battle at Basin Presented by Scion. Next stop is Brighton Ski Resort on Feb. 15!

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