Hipsters Unite

On March 22nd, SLUG Magazine presented "The Paparazzi Hipster Jam", a competition not only for the riders but also a competition for up and coming photographers. This competition involved only one feature, a 55-foot hip located at the bottom of Brighton's Terrain Park. The format for the riders was a jam -- hike and hit for about an hour. As for the paparazzi, there were five categories to shoot: best crash, best overall feel of the competition, best action shot, best portrait, and best funny shot.

For the first time this season the weather was actually agreeable for a competition. With barely a cloud in the sky and the sun shining bright, the Hipster Jam began. Laura Hadar (SLUG writer, Pro rider, and now local boutique owner [FICE Bitches!]) grabbed the mic, while DJ Ryan Powers mashed up some music and the tone was set for the competition. Riders began to hit the hip, each watching one another to see what trick was being thrown. Without a doubt there was definitely some wild style.

The hipster jam was too tempting to just sit and watch. I had to poach it for a little while, but fortunately for me the SLUG crew didn't mind and I was able to enjoy the jam without being judged. My first hit on the hip I just trained off of Alex Andrews, whom by the way did not throw a back flip in this competition. There were many others who threw back flips, but Alex was able to fight the temptation and keep it mellow. Not only were there back flips, there were whirly birds, grabs, flails, big airs, small airs and all around good times.

While the riders were slaying it, the photographers were capturing it. I saw about five to six cameras snapping away. All were trying to 'GTS' (Get The Shot). Some were climbing lift towers or framing their shot through the trees, while others were hiding behind the huge SLUG letters adorned on top of the hip. They were truly taking the Stalkarazzi title to heart. The contest slowly began to come to an end. The judges had made up their minds, the photographers were all out of shots and the riders were worn out from hiking and jamming out.

Hadar kept the spirit alive on the mic while the competitors waited anxiously to see who won. As the music mashes continued to play the product toss began. Kids were jumping, running, diving, grabbing, and heckling just to get something. Once all the boxes were emptied it was time to announce the winners. The prizes included Ogio backpacks, Ride Snowboards and bindings, Nikita Clothing, Levitation Project shirts, SkullCandy headphones, Celtek gloves and much, much more. Let's just say there was enough product to keep all the competitors and spectators happy. Of course, The hippest of all were the winners:

Men's Snowboarding Open
1. Kenneth Russel
2. Jarvis
3. Curtin Weaver

Women's Snowboarding Open
1. Madison Blackley
2. Jenna Waite
3. Tina Zahn
Skiers' Division
1. Dylan Ferguson
2. McRae Williams
3. Tanner Kadleck

Men's Snowboarding 17-
1. Max Raymer
2. Chase Fromm
3. Noah Sutton

As you are reading this, you should know by now that the season is about to end. The snow is slowly melting and the weather is changing. Summer is just around the corner and that means skateboard time! Don't fret, SLUG games has a summer series of contests for skateboarding, so keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for SLUG games that will slowly be creeping onto a skate park near you.

SLUG would like to thank: Blindside, KAB Rails, Bluehouse Skis, The Utah Winter Games, The Dank Squad, Lenitech Snow & Skate, Smith Optics, Salty Peaks, The North Face, Union, The Levitation Project, Ride Snowboards, Milosport, Zotes, Ogio, The Autumn Garage, Nikita Clothing, ABZ Enterprises, Fuji Film and SkullCandy. Without their help we wouldn't have been able to put on such a great competition.

Krista Moroge
Rail Jam Wrap Up
Around 3 P.M. about 50 kids gathered near the Alpine Rose deck for the Krista Moroge Rail Jam. With such an inexpensive registration fee of only $10, many individuals just ending their day on the mountain decided to push on and show the rail everything they had. The set-up was a single flat down box and an eager group of skiers and riders spent roughly an hour hitting the thing. DJ Superb and Chase prided a mix of dancehall, hip hop and soul—spinning records and 45s. Even those not involved in the comp were enjoying the music, hanging out and buying raffle tickets.

The highlight of the afternoon was watching 9-year-old Taelor Mattingles board slide the entire rail; she snagged first place in the women's division and the respect of everyone watching. A big thanks to the guys from Celtek Gloves and Bluehouse Skis for judging the rail jam and spraying the mountain with some eye-pleasing artwork. At the end of the day SLUG was able to raise $635 for Krista through raffle ticket sales, donations and registration for the rail jam.

Special thanks to Kim Doyle, Mike Corrigan, Mouse, Helen Wade and the Brighton Park Crew.

Results for the Krista Moroge
Rail Jam:
Mens Snowboarding:
1. Wes Hart
2. Kenneth Russel
3. Kaycee Landsaw

Womens Snowboarding:
1.Taelor Mattingles
2. Felicia Sturgeon
3. Tina Zahn

1. McRae Williams
2. Dylan Ferguson
3. CJ Bodee