Jeremy Seegmiller: Too Hot to Handle

Last May, a small but dedicated group of friends and fellow shredders, including Jeremy Seegmiller and I, made the trek up to Mt. Hood. The plan was simple: shred, camp and rage, all while being as dirtball as possible. About two weeks into the adventure, things went terribly awry. A thirty-bomb of Milwaukee’s Beast, a can of white gas, and an unruly campfire later, Seegmiller was in the Portland burn center with second-degree burns covering most of his legs. The doctors said he was down for the count and wouldn’t be riding for at least six months. Less than two months later, Seegmiller was back in Mt. Hood shredding again. When it comes to the question of shredding, Seegmiller’s answer is always yes—second-degree burns be damned. One Sunday evening in September, Seegmiller made bomb chicken tacos and we sat down and talked about the accident, his recovery and how hard he plans on killing it this season.

SLUG: So, we both know what happened in Mt. Hood, but can you tell our readers what went down?
Seegmiller: I went through hell, straight up. It probably feels like that in hell—I was that hot. Everyone was trying to go to sleep. I just wanted to keep drinking and I caught on fire.

SLUG: How long were you in the hospital?
Seegmiller: Two days—till I found out how much it cost per night to stay, so I had to get out.

SLUG: What did you learn from the incident?
Seegmiller: Stop, drop and roll works. It works really good and I learned to not play with fire, unless you’re smokin’ with it.

: Did getting burned while you were supposed to be snowboarding have any affect on your passion for snowboarding?
Seegmiller: I think it made me stronger. I guarantee it made me stronger ‘cause I don’t think anything I do on a snowboard could hurt as much as that did.

SLUG: Have you picked up any hot ladies with your sweet scars?
Seegmiller: Nah, the only person that’s said anything about it is some kid at the skate park. He just asked me what happened. But while I was hurt, there were definitely some ladies afoot.

: Was it hard to get laid when there were bandages all over your legs?
Seegmiller: Oh, that wasn’t happening.

SLUG: How did Mt. Hood round two go when you went with the Technine crew?
Seegmiller: It went good. Got to stay at Windells—that was the shit. Got to shred Windells, that was cool. My muscles were all messed up because I couldn’t walk for a while after my burns. It was definitely different than right before I got hurt.

SLUG: What was the coolest thing you did while you were up there?
Seegmiller: Skating the indoor park at Windells, just like a private sesh, with all the Technine homies and MFM killin’ it hard as shit. Or hiking up to the rope swings and eating mushrooms. That was fun.

SLUG: Alright, how the fuck did you guys steal a dumpster for the Technine Dream Feature?
Seegmiller: Well, that’s funny you ask. We drove up in a rental car that looked like a cop car and a truck with a big-ass trailer with like six dudes in it. Maybe you shouldn’t put all their names—just like the Technine Crew. And we all hopped out of the car and just lifted up this dumpster and just put it on the trailer. Dylan [Thompson] and Jonah [Owen] got scared so they hopped in the trunk when we drove home. Jonah got claustrophobic and got out. Dylan ended up staying in the trunk for like two hours or something like that ‘cause we took some back roads ‘cause we didn’t want anyone to see the dumpster.

SLUG: I know you didn’t get to ride as much this past summer as you wanted to. What do you hope to accomplish this season?
Seegmiller: I wanna do a lot of traveling, hopefully hit up Bear [Mountain] again, Mt. High. Definitely shred Brighton a lot. I’m actually planning on working up at Brighton this winter, hopefully, and just shredding there a ton.

SLUG: So you’re going to live at Brighton?
Seegmiller: Pretty much.

SLUG: How would you say being a snowboarder affects your life outside of being on hill?
Seegmiller: It’s definitely all I can think about. You get seasonal friends every year. I guess it would be nice to hang out with everyone year round, but that’s what makes it cool, you know? You only get to see them for so many months out of the year.

SLUG: If you could kill one thing about the snowboarding industry, what would it be?
Seegmiller: The war between tight and baggy pants needs to go. That shit’s whack. Either that or hurt knees. Hurt knees has definitely got to go.

SLUG: What’s your favorite part about snowboarding?
Seegmiller: Sessioning something with your homies, like a tube or something. Blazin’ it with your homies while you’re sessioning something in the woods, all hidden away from everyone. Another thing I like about snowboarding a lot is frontboard to regs. Just regular frontboards. Love ‘em. No, seriously, I fucking love frontboards. They’re so cool, they’ll always be cool to me.

SLUG: Is there a trick you think people should really stop doing?
Seegmiller: People should stop doing double corks ‘cuz none of us are trying to do that shit.

SLUG: What about triple corks? How do we feel about those?
Seegmiller: Yeah, no. They need to stop that.

: What do you want to see more of?
Seegmiller: I want to see more little kids shredding.

SLUG: Who did you look up to the most when you were the little kid first starting to shred?
Seegmiller: Casey Nelson, Deadlung, MFM. That’s who I thought was the sick shit back then.

SLUG: What about now?
Seegmiller: Dylan [Thompson], [Brandon] Hobush, Keegan [Valaika], the Technine Crew—I definitely look up to those dudes. Johnnie Paxson, for sure. Yeah, Johnnie Paxson is the fucking shit. I look up to Andrew Reynolds. Fucking Andrew Reynolds ...

SLUG: Where do you want snowboarding to take you in life?
Seegmiller: I just want to have a fun hobby forever. I don’t even care, I just want to be able to snowboard forever, until my legs can’t handle it. I just want to shred. I don’t plan on getting paid or anything.

SLUG: Alright, homie shout out—who do you like to shred with?
Seegmiller: The whole [Brighton] Maintenance Crew, for sure. I like shredding with the Maintenance Crew. Dan [McGeehan]. Dan is cool to shred with. Lucas [Magoon]. He’s a fun one to shred with. I shred alone a lot. I just keep my flow goin’, you know what I mean?

SLUG: Who’s hooking it up with gear these days?
Seegmiller: Technine, Landing Headwear and BoroSyndicate.