New Kids on the Block: Cam Pierce Spotlight

Photo by Jesse Anderson


D.O.B.: 7/10/87

Year’s Riding: 5




Current residence: SANDY

I was first introduced to Cameron on the Digger bus at Windell’s. It was a warm early summer morning and we were all slumming our way to the bus. As I jumped in, I was confused to see some new dude wearing a huge, yellow, tall tee and gangster pants listening to gangster music. All the Diggers were whispering to one another, trying to figure out what to think of this guy. I remember one person saying that Cameron had rollerblades and was serious about them. Three days, and a full bottle of Absolut Vodka later, Cameron became part of our family. He admitted to owning a pink tall tee, two pairs of soap shoes, and that even though he hadn’t known us for that long he really loved us. “I was so nervous. I thought everybody hated me even though they didn’t know me,” remembers Cameron.

Throughout the summer, Cameron would leave us pondering how he just did that astonishing trick. His first day on our big jump he decided his warm-up trick would be a front 7. Later that day, when we were exhausted from riding, Cameron was still on that jump, hiking on his own, singing to his gangster music and pulling off some of the most amazing tricks ever. Cameron never stops pushing himself, and it shows off through his riding. After the summer he flew back to North Carolina packed up his truck and drove out to Utah, where he now lives, rides and pretty much kills it. He remembers his first hours here in Utah and how they did not really go as planned. “I was so excited to get out to Utah. It was nerve-racking because I didn’t know many people here and within the first three hours of living here I was told I had to find a new place to live!” says Cameron.

Cameron has been cleaning up at the local contests here, always placing in the top three. He almost had a clean sweep at last year’s Dragon Contest, winning best trick and best all around rider. He was even able to land a part in the Team Thunder Video, Remember When. “Filming is a whole lot of work. It consumes every open hour I have. It is physically demanding and opens my eyes to how much work getting one shot takes,” explains Cameron.

This year is going to be a great year for Cameron. He is challenging all aspects of his snowboarding. From park to powder, urban to cliffs, nothing will stop this kid. He has been working hard on the mountain and in the streets to land a part with Standard Films. Cameron has such smooth style that he makes snowboarding look to easy. He keeps his tricks legit and never brings the circus into his riding style.

Cameron is a young, hungry rider ready to blow your mind.