Oakley Revolution Snow Tour

Posted December 7, 2007 in
The Depot

Strolling up to The Depot, I saw a pretty hefty line for a Monday night. People were lining up against the velvet rope adjacent to a massive truck and trailer decked out with Oakley’s latest futuristic style. It was the Oakley Revolution Snow Tour here in our own Salt Lake City. The Snow Tour is Oakley’s way of saying thanks to the people who have supported their company over the years. Oakley has always been an eccentric company way ahead of its time. From the original product being motocross grips to the leather dreadlocked space man helmet called the Medusa, everyone knows Oakley has been setting the standard for cutting edge optics since the beginning. This time they were going to prove it.

The massive truck and trailer was Oakley’s “Rolling O Lab.” The O Lab is like Dr. Evil’s lair on wheels, but it’s also used to show people how Oakley’s sunglasses and goggles are tested against the competitor’s products. Other than the fact that Oakley’s laboratories have created a superior lens it is very impressive to see them shoot projectiles at a close range through a competitors lens and into a manequin's eye socket. Seeing a five-pound pointed projectile dropped directly onto an Oakley lens without even cracking it was enough to prove to me who makes the best lenses. When we finished our stroll through the O Lab, we wandered back inside the Depot where the party was just getting started.

The crowd was filled with local shop rats to the crème de la crème of today’s top athletes all together for one kick ass party. There was a stage set up for snowboarder Trevor Andrews' band Trouble Andrews and a booth for DJ Knucklz. Most people were gathered around the bar trying to make sense of the idea of an open bar for the next several hours. On the floor in front of the stage was a design your own goggle bar, where people could choose from a selection of lenses, frames and straps to create their own personal goggle masterpiece. People were going nuts trying to figure out what kind of combinations to create their latest piece of eye fashion for the winter. People’s eyes were bugging out with excitement but luckily they were receiving goggles to hold them together.

When Trouble Andrews got on stage, the crowd was good and liquored up. For some reason, Trevor thought it would be a good idea to invite the loose guests at the party up onto the stage. With a crowd of wild drunks on the stage, the band kicked it into full gear and rocked out like it was nobody's business. No one could guess that frontman Trevor Andrew was also a sick snowboarder because his musical abilities were off the chain. Their neo-punk style was getting everyone so hyped up people kept knocking the microphone cords out from all of the wild stage dancing. Trouble Andrews stepped down to join the party themselves and let DJ Knucklz take over the rest of the night. Knucklz kept to his traditional mash up style that everyone was digging on. Spinning records and drinking on Oakley’s tab into the wee hours of the night started to take a toll on the crowd as it began to dwindle. When I look back at the blurry evening of goggles, googeley eyes and booze, all I could see was a giant O logo in my head.

I remember that Oakley did this to thank all of us but in reality its us that needs to thank Oakley for one of the wildest night Salt Lake has ever seen and for providing us with a superior product season after season.