Ozzy Henning: Master of Style and Finesse

Indie grab hip transfer into the halfpipe. Photo: Gage Thompson

Name: Ozzy Henning
Age: 21
Hometown: Heber, UT
Sponsors: Rome, Cassette, HFBA, Epic
Years Riding: 9

When snowboarding in Utah, you can expect to encounter hordes of grade-A rippers, from the old dirty pow-hounds to the child prodigies that have overtaken our terrain parks. At Park City Mountain Resort, there’s one snowboarder that stands out from the rest, and his name is Ozzy Henning. Henning’s riding has been raising eyebrows around the Salt Lake Valley for nine years, both on a skateboard and a snowboard. Henning looks more at home on a board than he does on his own two feet, and that says a lot when one considers his extremely technical style. You’ll never see a simple board slide from him without some sort of revert, tweak or spin thrown into the mix. Some of his edits have appeared on yobeat.com and snowboarding.transworld.net and have over 10,000 hits. Henning has taken first place at a number of skate and snowboard contests around Utah for the past few years, including the SLUG Games’ Night Riders last winter at PCMR, and an Honorable Mention at the Summer of Death Pajama Jam skate contest just a few months ago. From the sound of things, this 21-year-old ripper is just getting started. On a cloudy October evening, I met up with him at Trailside Skate Park in Park City to skate and ask a few questions.

SLUG: Favorite trick on a skateboard?
Henning: Probably the ghetto bird. Took me about six years to learn. The ghetto bird is a hard flip 180. Once I learned hard flips I just started trying to spin with it. One day, I got it.

SLUG: Favorite trick on a snowboard?
Henning: My favorite trick is probably back 180 to swack 180 out on rails. I like it ’cause it takes control on the board to do it.

SLUG: Favorite place to skate?
Henning: The U of U. I like skating the shed rail, just a mellow 8-stair rail, and all those benches. Pretty much everywhere at the U is good.

SLUG: Favorite place to shred?
Henning: Brian Head. I’ve only ridden there once, but it was so sick. Good snow, no people, just open range of hauling ass.

SLUG: Tricks you’re working on right now?
Henning: Spins in and out of tricks, both on skate and snowboard.

SLUG: How did you first start skating? Where
did you skate in Heber before they built the skate park?
Henning: I first got started with my brother. He got a World Industries deck and I, being the little brother, wanted to do it, so my mom went and got me some Wal-Mart deck.  I was stoked! My brother and I would just go skate a school we called the Junior High, [a] super sick spot and anyone who skated was there for sure.

SLUG: What do you hope to be doing in the future?
Henning: Hope to just go hit all sorts of different features anywhere. If I had the chance to go somewhere and never come back, I probably would. I just want to shred everything all day.

SLUG: What’s your website, ozzyhenning.com, all about?
Henning: The website is just my buddy, Theo [Muse] and his filming abilities and my snowboarding. Just going to make little edits every week and have fun with it.

SLUG: What’s a perfect day of snowboarding to you?
Henning: A perfect day is a bluebird pow day, of course. Then by about 2 p.m. it’s tracked out, so you go to the park and they just groomed all the take offs and it’s soft snow all around. That’s a pretty damn good day.

Check out Henning’s riding on his website, ozzyhenning.com. He will most likely be dominating most snowboard contests that come through the state this winter. If you aren’t already familiar with him, just look for the kid doing front flips in and out of handrails, and it will most likely be Henning. Nobody else does those.

Indie grab hip transfer into the halfpipe. Photo: Gage Thompson Backside Smith. Photo: Gage Thompson Frontside board slide. Photo: Gage Thompson