Photo Feature: Justin Bennee

25th Street in Ogden might be one of the few places I’ve ever shot photos where the cops seriously couldn’t care less about what you’re doing. It’s probably due to the number of crackheads running around on this block. One of the few cops who even bothered to stop to talk to us at this spot did so out of concern for our safety, and not from snowboarding but from the crackheads! I probably spent way too much time in this abandoned parking lot last winter, but with so many options beyond this fence-to-bank transfer, it was hard to stay away. Thank God Ogden has been light on the snowfall this season—if I spent any more time there, I think some of those zombies would know me by name. Justin Bennee is halfway through a frontside board transfer here—one of four or so shots from his Bon Voyage part in the cesspool that is 25th Street in Ogden.