Salty Peaks’ Eighty Seven Movie Premiere @ Tower Theatre 11.02

Posted November 7, 2011 in

The Salty Peaks snowboarding team.

On November 2, hundreds of snowboarders and snowboarding fans gathered at the Tower Theatre in Salt Lake City for the long awaited premiere of Salty Peaks’ first, full-length snowboard film titled Eighty Seven. As I looked around the theater before the film started, I noticed both friends and family of the Salty Peaks crew had shown up to give their support, and after nearly every seat in the house was full, the lights dimmed and the film began. Eighty Seven features Salty Peaks’ current shred team consisting of Sky Seabrook, Dave King, David Van Wagenen, Shannan Yates, Max Raymer, Chris Frost, Denney Fuller and Micah Hoogeven, plus Aaron Brimhall, Ozzy Henning and a handful of other talented local shreds. Co-directors and filmers Andrew Schummer and Josh Dubruille left no stone unturned when looking for fresh spots for the film as well as including a number of well known spots that got some good cheers out of the crowd. The intro included some old footage of Dennis Nazari and friends from 1987 slaying some radical alpine powder turns, donning the appropriate neon, headbands, stunner shades and Patrick Swayze-esque hairdos. A bails section followed the intro, and watching those kids take a few to the dome piece (King and Hoogeveen) made me want to stay away from snowboarding for a while. Thankfully Fuller’s section got me stoked to shred once again, as well as shots of Raymer and Van Wagenen, both with really nice jump shots. The filming is on the same level as the riding, making it clear that Schummer and Dubruille know what they’re doing behind a camera. To top everything off, the soundtrack was well thought out and the editing gave the film that extra something, making Eighty Seven one of the best showcases of local talent in years. Pick up the DVD or Blu-Ray at Salty Peaks or online at

The Salty Peaks snowboarding team. Movie premiere poster.