Satch’s Put That In Your Pipe and Jib It!

Posted January 22, 2010 in

If you happened to be at Brighton Resort on January 9, you probably came across the aptly named Put That In Your Pipe and Jib It competition at the top of the Majestic lift.  This year marked the second competition that Satch clothing, (short for “Wasatch”) owned and operated by Erin and Daryl Young, have put on this event.  Brighton has built up a reputation as one of the best places in Utah to catch the latest and greatest in competitive snowboarding, so it was an easy choice for them when deciding where to hold the first event last year.  After the competition in 2009 went off so well, they decided to do it all again, same location. Of course none of this would have been possible without the help of the insanely creative and talented park crew at Brighton headed by Jared Winkler and a dude who would prefer it if I just called him Mouse. 
Like the name suggests, the comp consisted of rails, boxes, bonks, transfers, pole jams and any other kind of jib you can think of, placed in a half pipe and smoked by a handful of seriously talented skiers and snowboarders.  Warm-ups ended at 9:45 and 15 minutes later the mayhem of a jam-format rail competition was let loose.  The feature that saw most of the action throughout the day from the snowboarders was the pole jam, or up-to-nowhere, on the left wall.  Other favorites were the first rail hit on the right wall, which had a painful landing for those who ended up on the deck, the last box slanting down into the pipe, and the wall-ride hit at the end. 
Brandon Hobush capitalized the most off the pole jam, completing multiple back-flips into the pipe.  This trick among a flurry of others won him the top snowboarder spot for the day. There were really only two or three really talented skiers that showed up that day, one of them being defending champion and true grom, Walter Shearon.  Big ups to Walter for being not only the youngest skier, but for killing it enough to be called top skier for this comp two years in a row.  Snowboarder Victoria Ashley put some serious effort into her performance, trying time after time to land her backside 180’s off the pole jam until she finally stomped a few.  After she threw in a few board-slides and some awesome wall-ride hits she won herself the top girl rider for the day.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a best trick category, so I’m going to unofficially give Everest Arnold an over-the-web high five for the only handplant pulled, his super stylish back-lips on the first rail hit and for pretty much giving a good show all day long. 
If you missed the comp this year be sure to catch next year’s Put That In Your Pipe and Jib It, which is sure to be bigger and even more creative than before.