Shred Film: The Movement

Posted November 2, 2011 in

Utah screenings: Nov. 3 @ The Depot and Nov. 5 @ Egyptian Theatre

The sheer freedom that sliding down mountainsides covered in a thick blanket of snow provides is unparalleled. The weightlessness you feel as you transition from edge to edge, the wind in your face and sun on your shoulders adds to the visceral experience. For most skiers, attaining this feeling is as easy as driving up to their local hill, clicking in and jumping on a lift to the top. However, for those athletes born with disabilities or severely injured later in life, finding that release requires a lot more focus and determination. In The Movement, Directors Greg I. Hamilton and Kurt Miller take the viewer along an emotional road to recovery for several individuals that are overcoming their disabilities to achieve great things. Narrated by Robert Redford and Warren Miller, the film also highlights a middle-aged man named Rick Finkelstein. He was injured in a crash on Aspen Mountain in 2004 and suffered severe spinal injuries. After many years of rehabilitation, Finkelstein returns to the mountain that changed his life in an effort to start sliding again. Joined by 13-time Paralympic gold medalist, Chris Waddell, the crew shows Finkelstein that it is possible to be part of a movement that captures the soul. Throughout the film, other tales of triumph are shared about an injured Vietnam Vet, the world’s fastest blind skier, and a young woman born with a rare spinal disease. All found an inner strength to move again and not be weighed down by their disabilities. These heroes refused to except the “never” prognosis and went on to accomplish incredible things. A fantastic film that shows the resilience of the human spirit and notes, “being stationary is the real disability.”

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