SLUG Games: Prom Jam

Sharpen your pencil and take note, millerflip transfer. Photo: Katie Panzer

This year The SLUG Games had a new twist: it was a Prom Jam filled with all the amenities you could ask for.  It was high school all over again, except the gym was filled with snow, and instead of some strange middle aged dude with something to prove breathing down your neck, you were allowed and encouraged to get buck. The conditions were just right up on the mountain at Brighton—we had a bit of snowfall all day and some sunshine to match.

Whether you prefer skis or a snowboard, the course was set up to shred up. The Prom Jam consisted of five heats, a best trick and, of course, everybody’s favorite: best slam. Everything was in full swing when the young guns in the seventeen-and-under division got to it. Don’t be fooled—just because they can’t see an R-rated movie doesn’t mean they can’t hang. These kids were psyched to be there and it showed. For snowboarding the winners were as follows: Jordan Tramp took third place on the podium, Brady Larson took home the silver and Jordan Morse owned the crown. For the ski division the winners were Hunter Beinstein in the bronze spot, Trevor Akimoto in the number two spot (he’s the shit) and Walter Shearon looked down at all the lowly peasants from atop his throne. Congrats to all the young ones who were able to make it up this year—come back again and you might just shut down all the old dogs out there.

Somewhere between trying to find a beer and a trip through Dave Brewer’s Prom Jam photo booth, the skier’s division started. Though the young guns put on quite a show the adult skiers didn’t disappoint either—they took advantage of the entire course and left nothing untouched. I want to give Kristie Giles big ups for being the only girl in the skier’s division. I am glad to know that not all girls over seventeen who ski are total puffs. Alex Bueller walked away with a nice prize bag for taking third, Peter Fits managed to please the judges enough for second place, and Parker Williams was crowned the victor of the skiers. Good on ya’ three for killing it on your wood planks.

I know that skiing is pretty cool, but what seems to attract the most attention in our competitions is the snowboarding division. Unlike the skiers, there were both women’s and a men’s divisions. I did see a few people do some spin-to-slides on the rail as well as some upside down over-the-disco-ball maneuvers. The women’s final three were Lejawn Allen in third, Midori Oatari one step higher on the podium and Alice Gong rounding it out with the win and the tiara. In the men’s division, the finalists were Chadwick Flom in third, Will Ermish taking second and Brandon Hobush the champion and king of the men’s division. Funny thing is that Brandon also placed in last year’s Summer of Death skateboard contest—I guess he’s just an all around ripper. Good work to the snowboard finalists. We hope to see you next year to hold your title against the up-and-coming shredders out there.

The contest was over, but the festivities were just beginning. It was time to award the finalists with their well-deserved king or queen crowns and a bunch of product to boot. No awards ceremony would be complete without a crowd of people jumping in the air with their arms up in the hopes of grabbing some always-needed free stuff. So, naturally, we had one of those too. Best slam went to Midori Oatari for some painful looking shenanigans and best trick went to Alice Gong for a backside lipslide to back tail on the down rail. Apparently the ladies were the ones who got buck and got bucked harder than everyone else. With everything said and done, it was time for the after party.

It was time to get up to get down at the Brighton chalet. With the help of the hospitality crew and DJ Ryan Powers, that is exactly what we did. If you weren’t able to make it to the after party, there is always next year. Though, I will say that you missed out on a slightly psychedelic, mountain top rock out that was hard to beat. In fact it was so hard to beat, we are banned from the chalets for life.

Everything went along without a hitch, and it was only possible with the help of the collective. We want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the riders, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Special thanks to all the sponsors for making it happen: Natural Light, Yudu, Scion, Signal Snowboards, Brighton’s Park Crew, KAB, Annex Skate, Dave Brewer and his Photobooth, Blindside, Celtek Gloves, DFP, Discrete, Fun Hat, The Jibyard, Lenitech, Milo Sport, North Face Masters, One Love Ski & Snowboard Club, Quiksilver, Revolution Snowboards, Salty Peaks, Skullcandy, Smith, Snodice, Sports Den, Surface Skis, Uprok and XSI Insurance—We couldn’t have done it without you.

Sharpen your pencil and take note, millerflip transfer. Photo: Katie Panzer All the girls dream of Hobush and his disco methods. Photo: Katie Panzer Let's get fired up Get rough, get tough, get mean Let's get fired up and roll right over that ... boardslide 270. Photo: Katie Panzer I'm number one. Photo: Swainston Repetition and study are the keys to success. Hobush hooks up the      helmet cam to capture this skate-style nose pick. Photo: Swainston Someones got a school boy crush on the Natty queen. Photo: Swainston The Celtek crew grades their pupils. Photo: Swainston One Love crew. Photo: Swainston Chalk one up for the girl team. Perfect front board execution.  Photo: Swainston