Snow Premiers

Team Thunder Productions Saddle up to Premier Gold Country
By Helen Wade

Photo: Dave Brewer

Team Thunder premiered their new movie Gold Country on September 10th at the Tower Theater. This was an exciting night for the Thunders and the fans they have gained throughout the years. Team Thunder has made a unique footprint in the snowboard community. These guys and a few gals have been pushing the creative limits. They have over come broken cameras, bad winters and friends coming and going. One thing they have held on to is the core group of snowboarders that have a true talent, love and passion for snowboarding. September 10th was an event I had marked down on my calendar. It was one premier I was excited to attend. I have been fortunate enough to watch the Thunders grow from their first year of filming to now. Gold Country was a film about friends traveling and working with what they had: passion, creativity, friendship and the pure joy of snowboarding. What they don't have: millions of dollars, on call helicopters, numerous filmer's and cameras to capture every angle.

Gold Country captured all aspects of what snowboarding truly is. They had a variety of back country, city, park and backyard snowboarding. They didn't travel out of the country, they didn't go to the biggest, baddest mountains and they didn't jump out of any helicopters. The Thunders used the mountains of the Wasatch, and a road trip to other great western states to uncover the hidden treasures that have yet to be discovered. This film was a great portrayal of friendship, snowboarding and what to do when you don't have much. There were no over the top features or wild rides, it was a snowboarding flick anyone of us could relate to. If you missed this premier don't worry, Gold Country will be having a few more viewings and the film is available to purchase at any local snowboard shop.

Absinthe Films Release READY
By Sully
On Sat, Aug 30 at Tower Theater, Absinthe Films became the first snow-porn production company of the season to premier their new movie READY. While not x-rated, nearly everybody who packed the Tower Theatre that night left feeling like they had just had some sort of crazy drunken sex with a stranger that they thought they recognized from somewhere.

Photo: Dave Brewer
Rider: Cody Comrie

Why do I compare it to a hot one-night stand? The film was an absolute orgy of snowboarding, one could even call it the kama sutra version of a shred video. There was so much sick shredding going on in the video that it was hard for my little brain to keep up. I wanted to press rewind on at least seven separate occasions. From the grimiest urban riding to dirty dancing in deep powder, this video has something to wet the thirst of any snowboarder.

Akin to bending someone over and making them grab their ankles, Jeremy Jones stepped to the biggest lines ever ridden and literally made them beg for mercy, which alone makes this video worth whatever MILO is charging this year. Further adding to the spank value of READY, moustache rocking SLC local Cale Zima and Laguna Beach pretty boy Keegan Valaika formed an odd couple, but nonetheless tag teamed urban features all over America and Canada. Both Keegan and Cale destroyed everything they touched and in the process earned the respect of friends, strangers, people who know nothing about snowboarding and seasoned veterans of the industry. Nicolas Muller was the true snow-porn starlet of the night, appearing multiple times during the course of the movie and voraciously tearing apart everything the base of his board touched.

Other notable mentions go out to the bodily-fluid-draining performances of Wolle Nyvelt, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg (still kills it!), Bjorn Leines and Scotty Lago.

The only issue I found was that the movie ran a little long. In the age of Internet fueled two-second attention spans, anything over half an hour is too long for a snowboard video. I'm not sure how I feel about the length of the video, but I think that a lot of good shredding could have been lost on audience members whose attention spans ran out.

If It Weren't for Scumbags and Snowboards I'd Have No Friends At All
Part 1:"The Boned Age" Soldiers of the Frozen Battlefield
By Shawn Mayer
Summer is over. The kids are going back to school, the skate parks aren't as crowded and the temperatures are dropping. Shit we even saw some brief snowfall. Speaking of snow, those of us that are here for the winter that Utah is infamous for, the end of summer marks another special time: premiere season! After sweating out three long, hot months of summer, we finally get a taste of what this winter has in store for us. Thanks to Grenade Gloves we can rest assured that another crazy season is just around the corner.

On September 15, the Grenerds and their band of hooligans rolled into downtown SLC to showcase their latest cinematic guffaw. Notice I didn't say where? That's because I was pissed that the door chick tried to charge me five bucks to watch my sweatshirt and the bartenders over charged my credit card, but I don't want to be an asshole so I'll leave the location out for now. The newest addition to the Grenerds' library is titled The Boned Age, a spoof on the 80s cult classic The Stoned Age (which I highly recommend). Like their past efforts, this video is packed with some of the best riders out there (some not as famous as others) absolutely killing it! Set to a soundtrack that breaks away from electro-pop and sticks with the raw shit (punk/metal) and broken up into skits that are funny even without the background references, this video is bound to be a yearly favorite. I noticed there is one slight change in this compared to those of the past: the rider's are going bigger then ever (holy method! You'll see it!).

After being pleasured visually, the crowd turned to the bar and the booze went fast. The rest of my night consisted of double to triple fisting, low fives and pounds (what's up with the double hand greeting?) blur, fuzz, random conversations and some shitty pictures!

Don't forget to pick the video up at your local snowboard shop. It should be there by the time you read this.