Snowbird Speed Dating 02.14

Posted February 17, 2012 in

Chick hanging out at Snowbird Valentine's Speed Dating.
If you’re anything like me, then you think speed dating is for the sad, lonely and desperate--or for BYU students. Alas, I decided to hush my preconceptions and try out Snowbird’s Valentine’s Day version of speed dating. The resort offered $40 all day passes for singles and set aside a chairlift on the Peruvian run with a line for the ladies and a line for the dudes. I figured this would beat my other Valentine’s Day plans, which included crying by myself into a bowl of ice cream while watching The Land Before Time over and over. Okay, just kidding, I actually didn't have any plans whatsoever, so this seemed like a fairly decent way to spend the day o’ love.

Being a woman without a car, I had to ask my mother to drive me to this event. She agreed, but only after she laughed heartily and made a slew of inappropriate jokes regarding things that could happen with two strangers on a ski lift. Hardy har har. When the time came to get up the canyon, I had to coerce her with a heavy serving of coffee and the promise of a beautiful day on the slopes. Despite my efforts, it took her a solid hour to get up and another solid hour before we reached Snowbird. Ride moochers can’t expect much, right?

I found the single’s line around 10:30 a.m. and it was rather barren. The lift lady told me that she hadn’t seen much action, and that she didn’t necessarily recommend waiting around for a date. I realized that folks probably bought a ticket for the cheap price and then took off for other lifts, bypassing speed dating. Can’t say I blame them. I also realized that being buried under layers of gear would make it hard to tell if someone was even cute or not. With all of that, I took lift lady’s advice and headed up the mountain, but not without a date. Guess who? My mom. How romantic.

After a glorious run, I checked in at the line again and found three things: Red Bull girls, a gaggle of tall, frat boy-esque dudes and an offer to drink cheap whiskey. The Red Bull girls were (surprise!) blonde and pretty, and insistent on me having cans of their drink even though I declined. I asked them if they had met any happenin’ singles and they pointed to said dudes, who were busy mixing their sugar-free Red Bull with the aforementioned bottle of whiskey. I said hello and tried to make a bit of small talk, but mostly they were inebriated and uninterested in anything except passing me the bottle. They took off to get something to eat and that was about the extent of my speed dating.

I tried the single’s line a few more times, but not with any luck in finding a date. After about 1 p.m. I gave up, ate a bowl if chili, and reaffirmed my initial feelings for speed dating. Happy fucking Valentine’s Day!
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