Ted Borland Profile

Photos by Jesse Anderson

Ted Borland is a humble rider who kills just about everything in sight on his winter shred stick. His team manager, Trevor Hennings, showed me his new footy and I was blown away at how solid and styled out all of his tricks were. Currently he is a student at SLCC, going for a degree in Video Production, and gets to ride every day to finish his “assignment,” Bundy Vision 4, when we all know it’s just an excuse to be up on the mountain progressing in his passion. Apparently Borland always has a smile on his face and I can understand why: living the dream is tough, right? I met up with him at Brighton one day and we sat down and chatted about all the stuff going on in his life right now.

SLUG: You seem to have a lot of skills on your snowboard, how long have you been riding for?
Ted Borland: I’m on year ten right now.

SLUG: You hail from Utah?
TB: No, I started in Pennsylvania: littlest hills ever.

SLUG: Where in Pennsylvania?
TB: Blue Mountain.

SLUG: Do you think snowboarders get a bad rap for what they do?
TB: Uh … No. Utah’s just got a bad rep in general ‘cause the scene is so big and there are so many different things people could say about it, I think. There are so many different types of snowboarders here, so someone probably will end up getting a bad rap.

SLUG: Hesh dogs, Gnar kids, Technine homies ...
TB: All the tight pants bastards like Cale (Zima) over here. (points to Cale)
Cale Zima: Hey, what’s happenin’?

We laughed about that for a second or two before getting back to our interview.

SLUG: Do you usually ride at Brighton?
TB: Yeah. This is my home … well, my Utah home mountain for the past four years. Brighton is the shit. I’ve only been to Tahoe once, and it was pretty good. The
park was real fun, but nothing like Brighton’s park. Brighton’s park is probably not up to most people’s standards, but I think it’s sick ‘cause its top to bottom,
you get to go through some trees and there’s some smaller stuff in Candyland. All around pretty sick.

SLUG: So when you want to go out and get a trick, do you call the photographer/ filmer or are they callin’ you?
TB: I call a lot of filmers and photographers, like Eddie Grams, Mark Dangler and those dudes. A lot of times I’ll just think of tricks or just go wherever they’re going and get some tricks. I just like filming as much as possible.

Cale: (from the table near us) Hey Ted, I liked the teaser for Bundy Vision 4, Joe showed it to me the other day: so sick.
TB: Thanks. Yeah we gotta do a little collabo with Bundy Vision and Bozwreck for sure.

SLUG: When will Bundy Vision 4 come out anyways?
TB: Well I’m doin’ it for class so I might finish it up a little early. It’s sick, I don’t really
have to go to class at all. Wake up, go shred, film and then send my teacher some little updates and shit, its sick.

SLUG: So you found the loophole to be able to go to school and still shred every day?
TB: Yeah. My parents still help me out with rent a little here and there. I’m trying to start this internet scam business where I charge people to film for a day, like families and shit, so I’m gonna get that going soon. Hopefully I can make some loot off that.

SLUG: Is ROME SDS hooking you up so you at least don’t have to buy boards?
TB: Kinda, its between Jesse Anderson and this in-house guy I know. I just get random
stuff now and then. I got some boards that are kinda ridable so it’s all good. As long as I don’t have to buy boards, I’m set.

SLUG: So what do you eventually want to do with your riding?
TB: I would like to be able to ride everyday and eventually work on some legit video ideas to make this into more of a job-type deal. I had to buy a new camera though, because on Halloween night our house got jacked, like twenty thousand dollars ripped off of my roommates and me. Four laptops, my DVX Camera, Jesse’s photo gear, all that kind of stuff, just gone. We gotta catch those thieving bastards.

SLUG: Any thoughts on Shaun White’s super success in snowboarding and all that jive?
TB: (laughs) He deserves it man, he’s good for sure, but he definitely has a lot of hype (laughs again) around him. It kinda sucks that when people think of snowboarding all that comes to mind is Shaun White. He does deserve it, there is no doubt about that. He’s pretty good.

SLUG: What is your favorite part about snowboarding?
TB: Freedom. Just doing whatever you want, you can go anywhere. It’s not as easy as skateboarding, but wherever there is a hill, you can ride. There are so many different
types of things to ride, like halfpipes, parks or hiking up in the backcountry for some turns. I couldn’t pick just one favorite out of all of those, but rails are pretty fun and I want to get back into jumping again.

Zima, Mark Edlund, Lil’ Jeff and their crew said goodbye and headed back out to shred, so I figured I would wrap up the interview so Borland could get back out as well.

SLUG: Any shoutouts?
TB: Yeah, definitely all my friends who have helped me out in Salt Lake. Matt Piasecki, Chad Holmes, Derek Dennison. They let me sleep on their couch whenever I’m kinda homeless. They’ve definitely helped me out a bunch. Jesse Anderson has helped me out a ton, Eddy Grahams and the whole Variety Pack dudes for sure too. Last but not least, definitely Trevor at Salty Peaks.

I would check out Bundy Vision 4. It should be posted on YouTube by the time you read this. Ted is definitely goin’ places right now. If he isn’t placing in the top three in our SLUG Games comps, you’ll know he’s riding somewhere tearing shit up. I’m sure this