‘The Storming’ Review

Posted November 19, 2010 in

Dear Standard Films: Thank you for being an equal opportunity employer. Thank you for not overlooking the ladies. Most of all, thank you for bringing me what I've wanted all year—a shred flick with girls who can actually hold their own. All my love, Katie Panzer.

This is my love note to Standard Films, in appreciation of their recognition of female riders. The Storming satisfies both genders, with chicks and dudes that rip. Sammy Luebke gets things started with some serious pow porn while Halldor Helgason holds it down in the jibbing department. Then the ladies get to kill it—Kimmy Fasani, Hana Beaman and Erin Comstock show the boys that girls can shred, too. If I may be so bold, I am going to go ahead and predict that Leanne Pelosi will be a contender for this years Transworld Snowboarding Riders' Poll award for Women's Video Part of the year. She throws down a 50-50 gap to frontboard that would be impressive even if she did have a dick. Xavier De Le Rue, everyone's favorite shredding Frenchmen, takes riding backcountry to a new level. Adding rappelling to snowboarding is a serious game-changer. De Le Rue accesses chutes that no one else has ever touched before. Eiki Helgason proves that talent runs in the family and there's no doubt that he showed his younger brother what's up. Both Helgasons totally destroy the urban scene. Lastly, there's the moment we've all been waiting for—Torstein Horgmo's triple cork. I bet you've probably already seen the Youtube edit but you really can't appreciate it until you see it on the big screen in HD. Out with the old, in with the new. Double corks are so 2009.

Snowboarding is about progression: who can go bigger, farther, harder. That's exactly what Standard Films brings you.