Volcom ‘9191’ Review

Posted November 19, 2010 in
9191 focuses on my two favorite things about snowboarding—shredding powder and riding with the homies. 9191 takes a new approach to making a snowboarding film. In lieu of a traditional team video, Volcom created a movie based on the travels of Gigi Rüf. In these travels, Rüf shreds all over the world with the rest of the Volcom team. 9191 becomes one 20 minute long part for Rüf with shorter homie parts for the rest of the team—but it works. Really well in fact. Instead of the "This is my part, this is your part," mentality that most snowboarding flicks have, 9191 takes a more communal approach. It's more like "This is what we shredded together." This attitude is more true to the nature of snowboarding then the more traditional format. If breaking the boundaries of rider segments wasn't enough, Volcom throws in a little more innovation: an original soundtrack. The soundtrack, scored by Baron, flows perfectly with the movie, adding to the all-around epicness of this movie. The music reflects the emotion and tension that snowboarding can bring a person, but also the calm and elation. 9191 captures the essence and spirit of snowboarding in a way no other release this year has. If you need more convincing, the DVD comes with great extras including a free subscription to Transworld Snowboarding and a free download of the soundtrack. 9191 is a worth while investment—you'll be watching this flick all season.