Who Dat?: Ryan West

Photo: Trevor Woods

Name: Ryan West
Age: 24
Home mountain: the Wasatch
Years riding: Been a good 10 years now.
Stance: 15 in front, 12 in back.
Gear this year: DC board, boots, and outerwear, Siege headphones, Neff Headwear and Dragon goggles.

I first met Ryan West when we both worked at Salty Peaks. I just thought he was another kid who had moved to Salt Lake City to snowboard or just say he worked at a snowboard shop, like most of the people that worked there. After we made a company trip to the DC Mountain Lab, it became clear that he knew what he wanted. As most of us sat in the hot tub and drank, he was out on the hill trying to get shots of this coveted area that few have had the privilege to shred. Less than a year after that, he was sponsored by DC, and was getting after more. After shredding with West a couple times, you can tell that he has a passion for getting down on the shred. His creativity and ability to view things in ways others can’t make him an extremely talented rider. Look for West blowing up in the near future.

SLUG: Who are your sponsors?
Ryan West: DC has been my main supporter for the past few years, helping me with boards, boots and outerwear. I’m also riding for Neff Headwear, Dragon Optics, Siege Audio, and Blindside Board Shop.

SLUG: How did you get into snowboarding?
West: Woke up one Christmas and there was a Morrow Rail 139 with my name on it. We drove half an hour outside of town, where I made my first turns at the South Hills.

SLUG: Where’s your favorite place to ride?
West: The DC Mountain Lab would have to be the top of the list for sure. That place had everything you needed for a perfect day of snowboarding. I didn’t have a pass the 2009/2010 season and was able to spend most of my days helping out up there, and getting to ride with the guys I grew up watching. The place was the sickest, and I’m sad to see her go.

SLUG: What is some other stuff you’re into besides shredding?
West: If I’m not chillin’ at the house, playing foosball or backgammon, or listening to my vinyl collection, you might find me playing a round of disk [golf] with my homies or hangin’ with my girl.

SLUG: If it dumped snow in the valley and in the mountains and it would only be there for one day, would you shred pow or urban?
West: Easy ... I live 30 minutes from some of the best terrain in the world. I would get the early morning freshies and have plenty of time to get back, recharge the body, and set up a feature in the city.

SLUG: Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus?
West: Are there Biggie Smalls and Taylor Swift remixes as well?

SLUG: Anyone you want to thank or make feel important ‘cause you said their names?
West: Big thanks to all my sponsors: Their support means everything to me. Thank you to my family and friends for all the love and encouragement over the years. Let the good times roll ...

Photo: Trevor Woods