Winter Dew Tour 2012 – Athlete Interviews and Recap 02.11

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Super Pipe Podium, Vito, Ipod, and Shaw. Photo: Jesse Anderson

It’s been a fresh event here at the 2011-2012 Dew Tour. The Men’s and Women’s Snowboard superpipe event was in the final round today. As usual and expected from every snowboarding crowd, the fans were lively and happy to cheer on some of their favorite athletes. I couldn’t believe how quickly the tension began between the athletes for superior riding. One minute, Jack Mitrani is leading the pack in first place with a solid score in the eighties, then suddenly gets his standing sideswiped from Malibu-born competitor, Trevor Jacob. Most of the athletes tried their best by reaching for front and back 900 combos, a few 1000’s, corks and grabs, and the kicker for a lot of riders––heavy hang time. The event began mellow and slow, with each spectator just waiting to let the early point accumulation from the athletes escalate to a neck and neck competition. No one was disappointed. To see riders in such fierce yet friendly competitive spirits with each other as they rose or fell through the ranks, was just as exciting as watching the final podium winners take the stands.

Thanks to SLUG’s dear friend, pro snowboarder Stevie Bell (Forum), and now my dear friend, I was able to stand with his posse in the “credentials only” section and score some gnarly conversation with athletes that otherwise I would only get to know by watching “My First Hand” on Hulu. A lot of them commented on how their mental and physical skills during competition are pushed to raise the bar in snowboarding and get them to a podium standing. I had just a few seconds to ask my questions, so to stay in flow with the positive vibe I received from the event, I just decided to shoot from the hip and ask what first came to mind. The amber energy was so contagious that my new age friends would be proud to know I’m a person living in the present. But how could I not be bat shit excited to meet and chat with some of the best snowboarders around? Everyone who can relate with being stoked about snowboarding knows what I’m talking about. Be proud, and happy shredding! Check out my Q & A with the pros…

Sarah Conrad

SLUG: Sarah, How did your run on the superpipe feel?
Conrad: The last run was a mistake. I knew I was done after I didn’t land my back 5.

Arielle Gold

SLUG: I’m her with Arielle Gold, first time Dew Tour competitor. What happened on the last pipe run?
Gold: My last pipe run could have been better. I was just trying to land the best run that I had. I could have gone for something easier, but decided to go for the best run possible.

Spencer Shaw

SLUG: That was a badass run; you just told every snowboarder competing today to aim high for their best trick if they want to beat what you just did. How does it make you feel to be on top of the standings?
Shaw: I’m a little shaky right now and more nervous, there is still another run to go. I came up with that combo right before I dropped, and I hope my score holds.

Trevor Jacob

SLUG: Your first go down the pipe was confident. What about your second try?
Jacob: My first run was great. Landed all of the hard stuff, then hit the deck a bit, and wasn’t able to land my trick.
SLUG: How did a guy from Malibu get to be a pro-snowboarder?
Jacob: Rode in mammoth as a kid, then I convinced my parents to move there. My goal is to be an Olympic rider. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t make it, but the qualifications are all here.

Jack Mitrani

SLUG: How does this Dew Tour compare to the other two you’ve already participated in?
Mitrani: This third Dew Tour has been the best for me so far. There’s not a big crowd. The pipe and weather conditions are prime.

Mason Aguirre

SLUG: What have some of your Frends crew members taught you throughout the years?
Aguirre: They’ve taught me to have a good time and enjoy the sport, no matter how I’m doing it.

Louie Vito

SLUG: What is it like being the back-to-back Dew Tour winner with the highest score recorded in history for the Men’s superpipe?
Vito: “I feel pretty happy––happy to get the win off my back. Iouri Podladtchikov (nickname Ipod) rides super well, and always pushes me to ride better. I was in second place coming in here and knew I had to push it for a win.

Check out more photos from the day here.

Super Pipe Podium, Vito, Ipod, and Shaw. Photo: Jesse Anderson Louie Vito giving the thumbs up in the middle of a double cork. Photo: Jesse Anderson Ladies Podium. Photo: Jesse Anderson