Winter Dew Tour 2012 – Gretchen Bleiler Interview 02.10

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Gretchen Bleiler. Photo:

The Winter Dew Tour for the 2011-2012 season is back in Utah at Snowbasin again this year. As the last and final stop of three, Snowbasin turned their slopes into a massive competition arena for athletes like Louis Vito, Jack Mitrani and Gretchen Bleiler, all hoping to get a chance at taking home the admired Dew Cup. We can’t forget about the badass skiers either, like Tom Wallisch, Bobby Brown and Kaya Turski who are also competing for the prize.

With the Tour’s reputation of being a decent contest, and a road for athletes to make a name for themselves (and earn some solid swag), this final weekend for the competitors is not taken lightly. I got a chance to catch pro-snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler (Gold Medalist, and X Games Winner), for a brief interview about her superpipe competition.

SLUG: What are some of your Goals for this weekend’s competition?
Bleiler: Always to ride at my best, push it, and have my personal best run. I want to show everyone what women’s half pipe riding is all about.

SLUG: Is there a particular score you have in mind?
Bleiler: No particular score, but for me I like to focus on my step-by-step riding, and then the desired end-result just gets there. I don’t like to focus just on winning.

SLUG: Is there a commraderie and support between you and your female teammates during these intense competitions?
Bleiler: Definitely. I’ve been riding with some of these ladies since I first made the US Snowboarding Team 12 years ago. Luckily the sport naturally embraces a lifestyle, so with that attitude comes a friendly and supportive community. We push each other to ride better and do our best, but it always remains fun for us.

SLUG: What does your snowboarding future look like?
Bleiler: Right now, I would definitely like to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

SLUG: What kind of tricks can we see you throwing down on the superpipe this weekend?
Bleiler: I’d like to show my front cork 9 tail grab that I’ve been working on since last spring, and link up my front and back 900’s.

Gretchen Bleiler. Photo: