December 5, 2019

Contributor Limelight: Connor Lockie

Connor Lockie began writing about experimental music for SLUG in October 2016—and carved a niche at the magazine in doing so! It didn’t take us long to test Lockie’s mettle as an Editorial Intern and, soon thereafter, as a copy editor. They have penned their fair share of features, film reviews and pieces about art of just about every ilk. This month, you can flip to pg. 12 to read Lockie’s interview feature about the 10th anniversary of Sugar House Review, a Utah literary journal. But that’s only a taste of Lockie’s propensity for writing. is their domain where you can consistently find more of their media-journalism gems. Having become SLUG’s Digital Coordinator in April of this year, Lockie continually beautifies and optimizes our online posts, in addition to many other projects. With all their hustle, intellectual acuity and more, we love having Lockie on Team SLUG.