08/08/11 – Eagle Twin, Rotten Musicians, Tommy Dolph, Dusk One, Bekah Long

Gavin Hoffman interviews heavy rock duo Eagle Twin, an archival interview with Craft Lake City artist Tommy Dolph from Jeanette Moses, Esther Meroño interviews CLC artist Bekah Long, and music from upcoming Localized performer Dusk One and Rotten Musicians. Remember to call our automated voicemail line, 858-233-9324! … read more

08/01/11 – Black Pyramid Recording, Stephen Chai & The No Nation Orchestra, The Chevalier, Voicemails

In today's episode SLUG writer Nate Perkins chats with the owners of Black Pyramid Recordings, we hear new music from Craft Lake City performing artist Stephen Chai & The No Nation Orchestra, check out upcoming events for the week, hear the latest from The Chevalier and check our voicemail box that you should be calling. 858-233-9324! … read more

Episode #3 – Cody Eden, Swindlers, Arash Mafi, The Dark Past, Mike Brown’s Love Advice?

On this episode, we have Mike Brown, a SLUG Mag columnist who has kindly offered words of advice on life, love and the pursuit of craft beer (but mostly love), and music from local artists Swindlers and The Dark Past. … read more

Episode #2 – Jake Black, Merit Badge, This Will Destroy You, The Future Of The Ghost, Levi Rounds vs. The Bank

On this episode we chat with local comic book and television writer Jake Black, go back into the archives with an interview from This Will Destroy You, hear new music from Merit Badge and The Future Of The Ghost, and listen in as Levi Rounds battles his bank on the phone. … read more

Episode 1 – All Systems Fail, Pretty Worms, GZA, Black Hole, Kayo Gallery

Interviews and new music from the official podcast of SLUG Magazine in Salt Lake City, Utah. SLUG is one of the oldest independent publications in the United States, distributing free monthly issues about music, art, action sports and subculture. Our debute episode features hard punk band All Systems Fail, an archived interview with GZA, a look at the upcoming show at Kayo Gallery, and new music from Black Hole and Pretty Worms. … read more