Managing Editor

Bianca Velasquez

Bianca Velasquez (she/her/hers) is the Managing Editor at SLUG, a position that involves working alongside nearly every other department to ensure quality coverage and content for each issue. She coordinates local coverage, books events like SLUG Localized (an event at which she has been a featured artist) and organizes in-office activities. To boot, Velasquez has been penning feature content for SLUG since August of 2018. As both a visual artist and musician, Velasquez has personal ties to the local scenes and aims to provide the best representation to the many talented individuals featured in SLUG. Working at SLUG has given Velasquez a unique opportunity to help the magazine uplift and promote the artists, creators and activists. Among the widespread talents and accomplishments present in SLC, Velasquez vies to give them the proper platform to promote their work and messages.